K-Card / Cantilever Style Card Using The Mega Nestibilities Dies – WORKSHOP

1 Today i`m posting the instructions on how I made the lever card using the Wizard Nestiblility die – it`s a useful card as it can make for a quick card but the shape make it have more interest for the design and works well with some decoupage – I have used a die cut decoupage here



2 Just a view from above more so you can see the fold


3 I have cut 2 pieces of card – I have used a light  gold pearlescent card I got at a craft fair   – but stardream cardis fantastic for this 

You will need a book style page for this – for workshop click here

Then take another die the size you want your hole and draw around the inside of the die – I did this by eye as you need them to be both in the same place for it to work


4 But you could make a template by making a 3rd piece of card and that way you`ll allows have it and you can just the hole in the right place 100% of the time

Basically you need the shape in the middle and the I have marked with lines where the embossing will be – this is the template one



4.1 Then cut out you aperture fully and mark a line down the middle of the back too – this is done at the half way point as well – so this is your template complete if you make it this way


5 So back to the main piece – once you have drawn around the die score down the left hand side of the shape – just with a straight line as this will need to be folded later – also score downwards top and bottom of the shape you have drawn – make sure not to score through the shape


6 Now cut around the pencil line of the die but make sure not to cut down the straight line you scored – also score and fold back the lines you just scored and make sure the panel isn`t folded 

Then score & fold and line which will be the centre of the back panel – shown here on the right hand side


7 Now you`ll have all bits scored and you need them to have a valley fold and mountain fold as shown below – the mountain fold being the middle fold and the valley the 2 outer folds 


8 Now take your second card with the die shape already marked out


9 And cut the aperture out fully – this needs to be in the same place as the other shape was so the whole design works – but using the template you can do this easily

Now you have both pieces cut and scored I have added sakura pentouch to all the edges – but is optional – I just like the look


10 Place double sided tape on the inside of the outer flaps – I have folded them back on themselves so you can see them  


11 Make sure the 2 sides with the cut out parts on them are facing in the same direction and then stick down the other to edges together – I have done this pulling back the tape and placing in position before releasing it fully Take


12 Now take the other 2 sides and put the panel through the hole and then remove the tape and secure down – with this style and other pop out cards you just need all measurements and lines to be straight – but the beauty of this wizard die is the edges will be exact


13 Now you have you base card



 14 ready for you to add your topper or decoupage to finish



Just the other view again



If you missed the other Nestibility projects here`s the links


 For details on each project just click the name itself for each one

Book Card , Star Card , Parchment Booklet & Hard Back Book

If you are new to my blog please have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right hand side near the top with 129 listed workshops – click here for my blog

Don`t forget also there now is a search box if you are looking for something – just type in what you are looking for and they will come up

Thanks for looking in – your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


3 thoughts on “K-Card / Cantilever Style Card Using The Mega Nestibilities Dies – WORKSHOP

  1. Thank you Suzanne for a really clear tutorial. Have seen demos on TV but never managed to quite get it.
    Now I see exactly.
    Thank you for all the time you give.
    Yvonne x

  2. Thank you very much Suzane for such a clear tutorial,like the other reader i have seen this on TV but have not been able to master the techenic. Now i understand it . and i am looking forward to making my first K card. Thanks for being a blessing by sharing with everyone. Your cards are beautiful.

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