Painted Eggs

1Today I thought i`d share something different with you – I know I have been a bit OTT on Cosmic Shimmers & The Mega Nestibility posting so although I was going to post the K-Card instructions I thought i`d leave it a day or so

These eggs were all painted by a friend of mine – some were gifts and others I bought – and wait for it for £15 a large egg – if you held one and saw how much work was in them you wouldn`t believe it  – the bases are moulded and flowers made to match using Fimo and the the design goes the whole way around the egg

What also is great they have dates on them and one is 1996 !!!! – they all have special reasons behind them – but I thought it would be nice to add them to my blog 


2 This is my favourite – I asked for the design as it was after Grandad had died and my love for the flower he gave me from his garden – it also goes with the cross-stitch picture we did too


3 Here`s the back


4 This was a gift one Christmas – I just love the colours


5 And the back


6 Another one I bought and asked for the design as it went in my bedroom at the time matched with decor


7 And the back


8 This was bought for Kris as a gift as he loves otters and it was an anniversary gift


9 And the back


The ducks were a gift and were given as Jill the artist knew I loved ducklings

The 2 small bird ones were given as gifts to my Mum & Dad – I got them back when they had to down size from a 4 bed home to a 1 bed house !!! – still lucky me !!!!


Here is a frame that Jill did for Erin when she was born

It was to match the Humphey design we got as a border in the room and then Jill added flowers we liked and the words `cheeky little monkey`  as it `s a saying of mine – a special piece of work to us






Thanks for looking at my different piece today – I just adore the artwork and skill gone into these pieces


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Thanks for looking in – your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


4 thoughts on “Painted Eggs

  1. Suzanne the eggs are beautiful and such wonderful things to treasure,I particularly love the one you had done after your Grandfather died, but the others are gorgeous too. What a clever friend you have and thank you so much for sharing her beautiful art with us.
    Love Sheila xx

  2. Your eggs are great.. I collect eggs.. do not have that beautiful..
    Can I buy one from this lady.. how much in American money

    • Not sure the lady still does them as they go back a few years but if you are interested I could try find out somehow
      Suzanne x

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