Cosmic Shimmer With Plastic Technique

 Today I watched Sheena Douglas on C&C with the Cosmic Shimmers

I was lovely just to see the show with more on the inks – and knowing lots of people didn`t see the nestibilities show and enjoyed my workshops about them I thought i`d add this technique that was shown

It`s all about spritzing the card and then with a different colour edging / framing the card like Sheena does with the ink pads normally but in this case with the cosmic shimmer

I truth I just wanted to play again !!!!


1 So this is the finished piece – and I can`t say how lovely an effect it is but the camera doesn`t pick up all the shimmer – I took another photo later and again it didn`t show up – but thought it just needed to be added


2 Just a close up showing the tones


3 So take your shimmers – I have used the Aqua Lagoon & Midnight Blue misters – an 8″ square of white card – it`s the reverse of the hammer card although if you use the hammered side the mica falls in the hammered part and looks wonderful

Then take a plastic folder – or in this case the wrapper of the La Pashe  Aperture cards & I have a clear ( slightly messy ) large mat underneath


4 I have removed the lid and using some kitchen roll & shaked the bottle till the mica is all mixed in – Sheena`s top tip was to store the bottles on there side so the mica is easier to mix in

Once prepared


5 Spritz the lighter colour over the card


6 Then use the darker colour – I light to spritz a little of that too over the design and then make a puddle of the spray on your mat



7 Then scrunch your plastic up and work the colour around the edges



8 Once you have worked all round the outside allow to dry – you can go back and spray more light colour on if you wish – it`s up to you



1 I couldn`t resist trying these colours – Mango Blaze & Lava Red – I feel sorry for the Mango Blaze as it was the only one that didn`t sell out first time around on Joanna`s site and it`s a wonderful colour – also I wanted to use it so it gave orange tones when mixed

So I spritzed the 2 colours on the card and edged in the same way as above with the Lava Red


2 And this was the results – I loved the changes in colours and up the top maybe a little of the blue from the mat was picked up and made more of a burgundy colour


3 Here`s just a close up


Here`s an update with the corners stamped and embossed with golden sparkle powder


Just a close up


So I hope you have enjoyed this little piece & then working them into your crafting

You can use this as a base and stamp and emboss over it – looks lovely with swirls and damask stamping too – or just for matting toppers onto and bringing in the colour from the image


If you missed the colour swatches for the whole 12 colours – click here

This posting also has many other ideas of using mica sprays


If you are new to my blog please have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right hand side near the top with 128 listed workshops – click here for my blog

Don`t forget also there now is a search box if you are looking for something – just type in what you are looking for and they will come up

Thanks for looking in – your comments are always much appreciated – Suzanne


8 thoughts on “Cosmic Shimmer With Plastic Technique

  1. I watched that program too Suzanne it looks a brilliant technique to play with, and I definitely would have to wear surgical gloves as I am a mucky pup when playing with sprays and paints 🙂


  2. I watched the programme too and that is when David told me if I intended to buy some I had to go into the garden shed to play. Messy Rabbit isn’t even close when I start spraying. Also can you tell me where I can get the large clear plastic mat used. Thanks Dorothy

  3. Hi I got the large A2 mat from a local craft central store – not sure if they are still called that – but it was taken over and the shop is run by the garden centre – it was about £8 – 9 but it was money well spent as you can spray to your hearts content


  4. Hi, I did see that show,I loved it,like you Suzanne,think I would enjoy playing,getting messy etc
    The mat you bought,was it the special one that is great for heating e.g. using your heat gun,doing shrink plastic, I did bit of shrink plastic,and oh boy,you should see my normal mat!! So need to invest in good one.
    Luv Maureen ( Glitzzy) x

  5. Maureen – no this isn`t one for heating , they can be expensive this size , so I have this one for inks and a small heat mat for the shrink or just use my glass mat I have in the kitch
    I know the feeling for the mats as I have a funny shape mat too
    Hope you get sorted

  6. I gave this a go yesterday, but talk about covered in ink! I was shades of blue and green for the rest of the day. I really enjoy these sprays I just need overalls, gloves and a hat when using them.

  7. Hi New to ur blog. I enjoyed watching ur cosmic shimmer teqc. I love working with micra. The effects are just wow. You make it look so easy. Thanks for us simple explanation. I found it easy to follow. Some presenters make thing just a wee bit complicated for us new crafters.

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