Hard Back Book Using The Mega Nestibilities Dies & Glimmer Mists – WORKSHOP

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Today here is the workshop as promised – If you missed the posting about the book please have a look here as there as lots more photo`s of all the pages – just this workshop was getting to many so easier to click the link

The whole idea stems from the 4 pieces I have done since seeing the show on C&C last week – 2 ideas were on the show and 2 I have made up once I got playing with ideas – I thought it would be nice to add a photo of all 4 projects so you can see the journey to how I got to the book


 For details on each project just click the name itself for each one

Book Card , Star Card , Parchment Booklet & Hard Back Book

1 The book cover itself – I used a matting of a topper and backing paper – these were just cut down using smaller dies as I cut into the spine when trying to make a page – still happy I did as I think it sets the front off



2 Here you`ll see the inside view of the pages – the joy about this technique is you can make the spine bigger and add more groups of pages without them getting smaller in size if they were all stacked together


3 So take your grey hard board – the stuff that comes in the back of the card papers or many packs like parchment or vellum – I always keep mine so have a nice stash to hand

Take the largest die and draw around it ( not the right hand side edge ) – do this to the left hand side of the card


4 Then when you get to the right hand side of the die make a little mark and then again with the measurement being the depth of the spine you want


5 Draw a line down the spine gap and then start to go around the die leaving the left hand side free – make sure you start and finish at the same corner point – I HAVE USED THE TOP POINT OF THE DIE FOR THIS POINT


6 Your shape should look like this – explaining it sounds difficult but seeing this photo makes sense of it all


7 Score down the 2 straight markings with a embossing tool


8 Cut the cover out – I have only done the cover this way as I couldn`t get the depth of the spine if I had just folded it and cut it in the Wizard – also this card brakes slightly when you fold the score lines so i`m sure it wouldn`t have worked


9 Fold the score lines to reveal the book cover – watch out for the cracking at the spine – if you wanted you could use a craft knife to ease the folding but I haven`t as later it will be covered


10 Now for the fun part – here I have use Glimmer Mists as i`m waiting for my Cosmic Shimmers to arrive – but I knew I wouldn`t be able to play today so I have used colours that are available in the shimmer range

Like all sprays with Mica in them they need to be got ready for use – I love the tips Glenda Waterworth uses in storing them laying down , seems to make mica easier to waken , roll them over and over on the worktop and then shake to ensure all the mica is mixed

If you spray from higher up you`ll get a fine mist or holding them close to your work will give you deeper results and also dribbles which add to the effect – this is often done by holding the finger on the spray to far forward so when you spray the liquid catches your finger and runs back down giving that splatter look – but I like that

So your inks are ready and best to work on a wipeable surface – that way you get to lift all the ink afterwards


11 Spray on your deep blue



12 Then the lighter blue



13 Your lime / bright green


14 Then I have finished with the darker green – although the lime green wouldn`t be most peoples choose of colour it gives real depth and lift to your projects – and it`s the only colour that I have nearly all used up


15 Here`s what is left on my clear mat


16 Take a sheet of copy paper and lay it over the ink – work around and retrieve all the ink


17 Here`s all the ink cleared up and although it`s not full , save it and use it again with another project and then you`ll have a backing paper full of shimmer and it`s helped get all the ink up with less mess


18 Now cut your pages out for the book – I have done this in 3 sections

 click here for workshop on how to make the book page if you didn`t see it

I have used the insert section from the Cottage Garden Cd  for the faded peacock pages- A5 Portrait and deleted the words using the interactive part and then printed on the reverse with the peacock backing paper from the Jayne Netley Mayhew Cd

Also I have edged the front and back page with Sakura gold pen touch – this set has 5 double pages in it and I have laid the pages so you get the blue one way and the faced the blue together on the next layer and then faced the green together so each pair matches – this way you get plainer for writing and then the peacock design for pictures or notes


19 This set of 6 pages has the bolder peacock design from the cottage gardens cd as the cover and then I have add the 5 pages of plain with a peacock design to the side – this was done using the snapshot and placing into a plain word doc. and when cutting the page folding as normal so you can see the peacock to the edge of the die and then cut


20 Measure the length of the page and find the middle and then I have marked 2.5 cm`s from the centre – with the large mega die the middle was 7.5 and the markings at 5cm`s & 10cm`s if that helps 


21 Now with a pokey tool – piece through the pages – I find this tool invaluable as it is very sharp and only makes a fine hole – perfect for the needle to be passed through and then makes for the pages not to move around like it would with a bigger hole


22 Now do the same with the outside of the cover – on the spine – this time you`ll want rows of however many sets of pages you are using – on this project it`s 3 so at the same points 5cm & 10cm`s I used poke your holes

These marking need to be exact as the pages will go through them – the cover is a few mm`s bigger as you have traced around the outer rim of the die so just allow the same top and bottom within your measurements


23 Now the only photo I didn`t take was threading the needle – take a long piece of matching thread and hold the 2 ends together – pass those through the needle eye and pull a little way down – this way you`ll have a loop at the half way point and no knots will be needed

So staring from the outside of your group of first pages , poke your needle through – remember to leave some of the thread still at the back


24 Then go down the other side


25 Once through now put the needle though the loop of the cotton and pull tight


26 Now pass the needle through the book cover starting from the inside

I have starting using the middle row as I find that easier , come up and through the cover and pages and I then did that again so you have gone through 3 times – you must try to keep in the holes if not the needle will mark the paper with a little hole



27 Once you have got your needle on the outside of the spine , I have just poked it under the thread and removed the needle – keep the thread length there

Now do this process on the other 2 sets of pages – it sounds a lot of work and really it not , but it`s very satisfying


28 I have taken all 3 cotton ends and knotted and gathered then all together in the middle – once knotted off trim the ends off


29 I then took another piece of card and trim it to size and coloured it – also edged it in gold – place this over the spine to cover the threads



This is the book completed – the joy of this as I have said is you can make different size spines and also if it was a working journal you could already added lots of holes and cover the spine and just remove that and add more pages as and when your work is finished


I hope you have enjoyed this workshop – as i know I have – it`s really taken me back to a book I made years ago

A useful technique to have in mind with crafting projects


If you are new to my blog please have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right hand side near the top with 124 listed workshops – click here for my blog




One thought on “Hard Back Book Using The Mega Nestibilities Dies & Glimmer Mists – WORKSHOP

  1. Hi Suzanne

    You have done it again !
    Where am I going to find time to make all these wonderful items that you keep showing in your workshops. You are so talented. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Hugs Myra

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