Hard Back Book Using The Mega Nestibilities Die & Glimmer Mists

Well this morning I had a play with an idea that was sparked off by the Notebook I posted yesterday – click here if you missed it 

After adding the parchment notebook to the forum – and seeing Sharon Duncan`s posting of a frame using the Cosmic Shimmers  , I asked what the frame was inked on and Sharon`s reply was the grey backing card sent in card packs

So I set about wanting to make a cover using this board as it fantastic when using these ink sprays as it doesn`t bend – I once did an 8″ scrapbook using the board and glimmer mists – click here for that workshop

I knew I wanted a spine in the book so I could put more pages in but didn`t know how to and still using the Wizard die  – I have done a very detailed workshop on this so will post tomorrow once I have written it all up – all 29 photo`s that`s not including these ones !!!!

Still the book ended up using a technique I learnt before even starting card making – lacing the spine and is so easy and I feel I really wanted to add this to my blog for anyone new to the technique as it`s very useful

Today was my last play day before pending work – but i`ll be pleased to be able to add the  Magical Messy Rabbit & cd samples whilst i`m busy  

1 The front cover – I matted the peacock using the different size frames as I messed up on one of the pages so just used the smaller die to make a topper


2 The book uses glimmer mists but I have used colours that are in the Cosmic Shimmer range – I just couldn`t wait till mine arrived , only of my most used – I only have 1cm left in the bottle is the lime green – it`s a stunning colour not often thought to use but it just gives depth and brightness to your work but doesn`t look out of place , just a contrast with the other blues and greens

The peacock image is from the Cottage Garden cd – this front cover one is from the insert section and I have used an A5 portrait interactive sheet and removed the words


3 Like the booklet yesterday that was held together using ribbon through the spine , this technique would have needed 3 ribbons and would have been a bit much , so cotton is used and then cover under the spine cover – you could add more than 3 sets of pages – each of the have at least 5 double pages


4 This is the insert printed page – I was going to colour the white edge but like it after I had cut it out – the pages are made using the technique I used for the book card – click here if you missed that workshop


5 I printed on the reverse – some of these pages in this book are for writing on , others like this was to add photo`s or clippings etc – I wanted a working diary feel to the book

The backing paper was from the Jayne Netley Mayhew Cd and some of the pages were edged in Sakura Gold Pentouch – 6 in all the front and back of each set – here you can see the cotton through the centre of the page


6 Again another set of pages using the image from the Jayne Netley Mayhew cd


7 This backing paper was from the Cottage Garden cd and here shows the section of pages at the spine


8 Just the back cover that could have something added or not in this case



Well I hope you like my book I made today , I just love that playing with ideas just makes me think of something different along the same lines , funny as I had the die and hadn`t used it until last week – i`m so pleased I have now and as I have said i`ll write this all up and continue to think of more uses

Here are all the projects together – though it would be nice to have them all in one place


 For details on each project just click the name itself for each one

Book Card , Star Card , Parchment Booklet & Hard Back Book


If you are new to my blog please have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right hand side near the top with 124 listed workshops – click here for my blog



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