Star Card Using A Mega Nestibilities Die

So I said i`d add the star card

So as promised the star book done using the Mega Nestebilities die – but can be done using the large dies for a smaller book

After seeing the show with Sheena on C&C I know many missed it or don`t have sky etc and the book card went down well

Full details for the book with mini workshop – click here

I also had the backing paper left from this card so thought it nice to use again as it`s a favourite of mine – it`s from the Baby Love cd



1 So for the star card you`ll need 5 pieces of card from the largest die and then 5 co-ordinating pieces from the next size down – this is just a single cut piece not folded like the book card – fold edge piece in half – I have then edged in gold the frames

 for a full workshop on how to cut and emboss – please click here

On the show I have to say the sample was out of this world and I apologise as this isn`t in the same league of what I saw – also the inner frame was placed right up to the edge of the gold layer below – but I have just given it more of an edge leaving a little border so the shape and design follows through

So join all 5 pieces together just taping down edge left and right edge only NOT the top and bottom – so you`ll get the star shape like the one standing up


1a Then apply tape to the back of the frame and start to join all the frames together – DON`T tape the first and last page as this will be the cover and you don`t need it glued together


2 I have added a stamped and embossed piece of card using the damask stamp & halo embossing powder – the thin organza ribbon has been placed under the front panel and over the spine and back under the front cover

It was said on the show you can use Velcro dots to secure the card in the opening but I think the ribbon just gives a nice feel to it


3 This is how the ribbon looks across the spine


4 The decorated pages of the inside – I have gone with 2 lily backing papers and 2 using tapestry card and then the last one was the sentiment page – I always find star cards strange to get the designs right inside – if you do alternate designs you always end up with 2 together when the cards open – this way it works well


5 I have added little folded cards to give detail and for you to add a message if you wish


6 The design from above


7 Then standing up – the folded element has the lily on the outside and then old paper ink pad on the middle – I have done this on the reverse for the ones with the lily backing paper so they stand out – also I have a decoupaged flower on the plain sides


8 Just the sentiment



I hope you have enjoyed this card and a bit about it

If you are new to my blog please have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right hand side near the top with 124 listed workshops – click here for my blog


6 thoughts on “Star Card Using A Mega Nestibilities Die

  1. Fabulous Suzanne. My dies arrived this morning can’t wait to give it a try, thanks for the clear photos of how it’s done.


  2. Suzanne, this is lovely. I did a star book at Christmas using the long rectangles and it was very favourably received. I have a photo on my photobucket and will try to post a link for you here if you would care to look. I will certainly be using the new ones as you have done here. TFS

  3. Hi Suzanne

    This star book is lovely ! What a fabulous idea.
    I need to get those Nesties !
    Thank you so much for the inspiration you give to me.


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