Parchment Sentiment Ribbon Using Martha Stewart Punches

Today I have had a little play with this idea that has been buzzing around my head – it`s  a simple design but a useful one

I was watching a Rob Addams show on C&C last week for the first time and saw the Wedding Cd which had an editable ribbon strip across it – you changed the text and then cut it out

Well thinking about it and like to do things quicklyI wanted to adapt the idea  I thought it would work well with the Martha Stewart punches I have become addicted too of late

I set about printing a sentiment in a strip form and got up the font to change and I have had a font called Flower Ornaments – well some of the letter are this wonderful scroll – I got it ages ago on a free wingbat???? – sorry if name is wrong , i`m plucking that from the depth of my brain

So I did a mixture of the scrolls and a written sentiment too

I left room in between each line so I had room to cut the punches edge from – I also did one on parchment and one on 160gsm rey text paper


I then trim sentiments into strips – leaving a small edge on the top side of the sentiment or scroll and them a wider border below


I then punched the parchment all the way across and edged it with gold pen touch – then strips can be coloured with inks and as with the bottom one make the edge darker

I have left some with plain edges so they can be wrapped around a matted piece of card so you don`t see any tape as you`d do that on the reverse

Or you could use a brad to fix it – or as I would use 3mm red line tape under the gold edge ( just the straight edge )

Click here for a workshop on the attaching vellum in this way


I will make a card to use this technique as soon as – but just wanted to share for now


Also my other joy for today was after not feeling I has shown the nestibilities book card to it`s full the other day – I set about taking a photo in the night time – I haven`t done this for so long as the results are to bad to show – but last month I bought the daylight lamp as a cheer me up when i didn`t get to go to the NEC – so set about taking my first photo

This shows the depth to the card – rather than the other photo`s head on

If you missed the workshop on how to make the page using the large die then click here

The pages are just slightly curved and then the bottom layer has 3 layers of foam tape , just in one strip down the centre , next layer 2 strips – then pinflair glue for the next – the parchment is just red line tape down the centre



Hope that shows the card as it should and not so flat as in the first set of photo`s

So a fun small amount of crafting today – had a busy day out , didn`t get to finish the large die star card – Erin cut 3 sheets out for me – it was great fun and I wasn`t allowed to touch it whilst she was pulling the handle – just allowed to load it !!!! – so hopefully tomorrow will see the completion of it was to tired tonight


Thanks for looking in today – If you are new to my blog please have a look around – there is a workshop link on the right hand side near the top with 124 listed workshops – click here for my blog



One thought on “Parchment Sentiment Ribbon Using Martha Stewart Punches

  1. What a fantastic idea Suzanne. I am glad someone has brains around here. Mine will not turn out like yours though, it never does!!! Cathy xxxx

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