Baby Love & Martha Stewart Punched Notepad Workshop

Well I wanted to take things easy today and thought it would be nice to write this workshop up as making this project was very quick – only 30 minutes from printing to making up with taking photo`s as well – having felt rotten for a while this project just saw me through a difficult day and made me smile

I know it`s a long project but I wanted it to be an intensive photo workshop so anyone new to crafting could feel they could do it – and for others well one you have the basics then you could adapt the project to your needs

The finish notepad is an A5 size and uses the stationary section from the Joanna Sheen Baby Love cd & used with some Martha Stewart punches which i`m so pleased I have found as I had never seem them before

Just need the Lace Doiley punch as does the rest of the UK


1 So print off your papers – the 2 tones of lace paper are from the backing paper section found at the top of the vintage photo section – I missed this section at first but just adore these papers

1 119

2 Trim around the side and bottom edges of the image , leaving the top edge with the white border

Then trim a piece of card – I have used the board you get in the packs of card – as it doesn`t bend when inking up and it`s free !!!! – you want it a 1cm around each edge


3 Here is how I got my notepad paper 

I used Rey Text paper 160gsm from Staples – a great weigh paper more like card – I have copied and pasted using the snapshot tool the A5 rose sheet from the stationary section of the baby love cd 

 I have  placed it in a plain document in landscape and made the borders 0.3cm on all 4 options – I have pressed enter a few times to make a border at the top and then enlarged the image slightly – you can see the original next to the enlarged one

I then left the smaller one on the page and copied both the imaged and pasted it again and then deleted both the smaller images leaving you the 2 bigger images on the page – doing this ensures you have the pages equal when enlarging them and I do this on many items when decoupaging

Leaving the top white tab is for some perforating that will happen later


4 Take your back board you have cut to size and ink it up – I have used Tim Holtz Distress Ink pad – Brick Red – leave the bits without ink on it as it adds to the effect for the next part – this was a play and see find when doing this but love the effect


5 Make sure you ink around the edges too


6 Now spray with your glimmer mist – I have used spring green as it matched with the colours and the fact I hadn`t used it so wanted to use a different colour than normal – but love the effect

Leave to dry – I put it on my radiator to speed it up and it didn`t take long – or you can use a heat gun or just dry naturally – I didn`t fix the colour as I forgot !!! – but sometimes use a cheap hairspray to do this – the chose is yours


7 Make your lace papers the same width as the base card you have just coloured and then punch them across the edge – I have used 2 different Martha Stewart punches just for a different edging – I think the deeper colour works best underneath just to give an accent colour but not to in your face


8 Now fold the papers together where you want then to finish over the notepad and tri off the back leaving enough to take the paper over the over side and finish the back off nicely


9 Take your cut note pages and this is optional – score across the white line with a perforating tool so that you can remove the pages form the notepad once you have used the page without spoiling the other pages


10 Mark with pencil where you want your holes ready for punching


11 Just ensure you have all the paper underneath where you`ll be punching and that the rose design of the papers can be seen


12 So you don`t see the ribbon on the back I have opened out the paper so I don`t punch through it


13 Now use your Japanese Screwpunch and start punching through


14 As I have used 16 pages and didn`t punch on a solid surface I have found I needed to do the punching in stages – so I have removed some of the pages and used the marking as on the left to carry on punching

14 142

15 Do this till you have completed through the pages and back card and line them all back up again

15 152

16 From behind place some ribbon through the hole – I use pointed tweezers for this and then bring up the other end of the ribbon through the other hole

16 162

17 Tie the ribbon into a bow

17 173

18 Stick the back of the paper down covering the ribbon back


19 I have then added a topper from the stationary set to finish it off and added a line of adhesive ribbon to the edge of the paper

19 194

20 Take some paper roses and trim the wires off

20 20

21 Then using Pinflair gel glue I have added them to the centre of the ribbon


22 Here is your finished notepad

22 222

23 With a close up of the punched edge

23 232

Thanks for looking at today`s workshop – I have enjoyed doing this quick project – it`s great for craft fairs & charity gifts



4 thoughts on “Baby Love & Martha Stewart Punched Notepad Workshop

  1. A very comprehensive work shop Suzanne, you make it look so simple and the extra photos will make it possible for even the newest crafter to achieve a wonderful result.
    Hope that you are feeling better today.
    Kate x

  2. Lovely workshop, hope you are feeling more yourself. I have seen the Martha Stewart punches especially the daisy doily one, can you tell me where to get them from, unfortunately I don’t think Joanna stocks them.Was also very interested as I have been playing around with the Tim Holtz distress ink pads and love them. Dorothy

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