What a lovely gift

Well today is just a quick posting today as not 100% – I have tonsilitis and trying to rest but also trying to keep up with my daily postings too

So what better time to share this wonderful gift McJackie so kindly sent Erin & I , we were finally due to met at the NEC but as we couldn`t go last minute with Erin being ill Jackie sent a big parcel , which was well recieved

The biggest stick of rock along with 2 others and this box and name ornament

I thank you dearly it was so kind of you and we will meet on day I promise

So here goes the photo`s – the box & large rock


What a lovely surprise when opening


The wonderful Erin worded gift – sorry not 100% what they are called


Another close up



Thanks for looking – hoping to get my crafting hat again soon



6 thoughts on “What a lovely gift

  1. What a lovely gift Suzanne – Sheenies are wonderful!
    I hope that you start to feel a bit better now that you have some antibiotics to take,te x

  2. How very thoughtful of Jackie and such a wonderful gift from her…..I bet Erin was thrilled with it, such a pretty box with the very pretty name ornament inside. Well done Jackie! Suzanne I do hope you are feeling better very soon….take care and get plenty of rest.
    Love Sheila xx

  3. What a lovely gesture Suzanne. I,m sure Erin will treasure it always. Sheenie Friendship is a power to be reckoned with. Hugs Rita xx

  4. What a lovely gift Suzanne. I did miss you at the NEC and asked on Joanna’s stand if anyone knew where you were. Sorry to hear you have both been poorly. Hope you are both better soon. Cathy xxxx

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