Revolving Flippin Women !!!!

Well today I have finished a sample I was making and was so pleased with it , having not packed my things away Erin came in and said can I help –  as I had a card to make for a friends birthday we set about making this card below

The image is from La Pashe and the Flippin Women range, designed by Jak Heath and also a forum member – her work is stunning if you haven`t already seen it here`s a link to her blog


I had all the decoupaged bits from the Flippin Women sheet cut out from a few weeks back and I used 2 of the large cards in the pack and trimmed off the plain side leaving the 2 apertures 

 I did this on both card and then inked them up and Erin helped stamp them as I wanted them a bit more girly – I used the new stamps from Glenda  for this

The revolving part was just a skewer with a wooden long bead added – that was given to me in a Sheenie envelope so was great to use

I just have to share the colour idea as we were out with my friend and we have never laughed so much – we were all crying – she asked her Husband to wipe down the wall where her youngest had spilt his tea whilst she went out  

Her hubby did but thought he`d paint it too – now for the best bit , my friend came home to find her once green kitchen just the same colour as the card to now having one brown wall !!! – her hubby is colour blind and didn`t notice the difference ( now i`m not laughing at people who are colour blind just at my friend and the way she told the story and how here kitchen is ) – so the card was inspired by the kitchen mishap with one side of this card having a brown side

Right back to the card – I saw a long while ago – Debbie I think doing a revolving part to a carousel with a horse on it and I loved the idea – so that`s always been in my mind and how the card started by thinking I need 4 sides for the colours of the wall – and as my friend is on a diet the flippin women image was very apt

Erin & I had lots of fun , I did all the sticking but she helped with the spinning the image and even took a photo

I was so proud Friday at School as they said she was very crafty and helped the teacher punch lots of flowers out without even asking , just knowing what to do – that`s my girl – I explained what I did from home and they said now we understand why she loves crafting so much  

A photo of the brown side !!!!


The reverse image showing behind the lady and Erin`s hand spinning the design


This photo just had to be added as Erin said you spin it and i`ll take the picture – so I did ( slightly not in focus but a joy to add )


So a lovely time was spent with Erin making this – a real treat for Mother`s Day weekend – Thanks for looking

In true style I have taken photo`s so if interested i`ll add how it`s done in week or so



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