Joanna Sheen Backing Papers in Black & White

Well this isn`t a rocket science posting today but something I just wanted to share – my old computer had a sepia section and the other day I went to print a flowered background off only to find the new one didn`t have that button – so I clicked the grey scale instead 

 I know lots of people have used this technique before but as I set about looking at these papers I was printing & I was impressed by the different depth in shades and the fact that that having these papers in there original colours altogether they wouldn`t match 

So just having a pile printed meant yesterday which I needed an insert for a card I could just add it to the card without a worry of it being the wrong colour

As you will see from the bottom photo all the different tones work well together

The backing papers are from the Cottage Garden Cd & the Baby Love Cd

Don`t get me wrong as I love all these backing papers in colours and have used them all – just sometimes I wanted to mix them but the colours would have clashed – this way they don`t

Now by making a quick card up and using a black flora doodle and some lovely ribbon would give you a classic yet quick card 

I needed to put some money in a Birthday card yesterday as well , so took one sheet of the paper and folded in three – DL style and edged with gold pentouch – tied with organza ribbon and job done – it just looked nicer as a gift and as I wasn`t feeling 100% saved me so much time

Thanks for letting me rabbit on – Suzanne








Right had a play and made a quick card and here are the results


1 Take a sheet of the backing paper printed in black & white – then print on the reverse – tear around all of the 4 edges and edge with a gold pentouch – if you towards you you get the feathered exposed look

Now fold the card – I do this by making the card into a cylinder shape with the 2 front edges over lapped and then press down to crease the 2 edges – bit like a tri fold card but with the opening in the front

1 115

2 I used a darker more patterned image for the inside to show a contrast – this was from the Heavenly cards cd and it show how the technique works as these 2 images colour wise wouldn`t have worked together in colour

I then took a snapshot of the image and placed it into a blank document and then ripped around the image and edged with gold again

2 29

3 To add colour I then added a length of ribbon starting from the back sticking it down

3 38

4 Then using foam tape I placed the card onto a base card – again with colour

4 46

5 Then I placed a flora doodle over the ribbon so it sticks it down – I used pinflair gel glue for this



6 As I like depth I them placed another flower with the petals crossing over the below petals and them pressed into the centre with my finger as this raises the petals



7 Then the voile top of the flower was added and the ribbon tied into a bow

So here you have a very quick but effective card – even more so if you have a few sheets already printed

Maybe as I was going to do use black ribbon or purple – just when doing this these colours came to mind

You can use this idea and just have it as an insert and then make a more difficult card – it`s just nice for something different

I have used this idea for Oriental cards and aded an embossed tile instead of the flower – click here for full workshop and an example of this




7 thoughts on “Joanna Sheen Backing Papers in Black & White

  1. very quick and easy idea Suzanne, you cant go wrong with it, just choose a colour for contrast and away you go.
    i love it.

  2. Oh Suzanne this simply beautiful!! I love all Joanna’s backing papers in colours but just as you say I also like to make a change now and again….but yours is so classy. Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful version of it.

    Love Sheila xx

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