Guess what they are ???? – Glenda Inspired Goodies !!!

Well this week we are on holiday and having a really nice time – we wanted a break and normal we have had one by January or February time – so to leave it to March feels strange – as I wanted to go to the NEC we couldn`t go away for a full week and it`s been a god send – just having time to do what we want and Erin has gone to School for the 3 days ( 3 hour`s each ) this week – so it has meant Kris and I have gone out whilst she is there – it feels strange but we have had 2 wonderful meals and today we shopped too

The benefit of not booking away all week means we had holiday money to spend and so I have enjoyed spending on my favourite craft site !!! and in the shops too on different bits

Today I got these bits – inspired by my love for Glenda`s stamps – can you guess what they are ???




What are the – answer PJ`s !!!!

 how great and comfy are they and only £6 , bargain – I love having a bath then wearing pj`s in the evening so these feel a bit nicer and with a black top to tone it down !!!

And the couldn`t resist this for carrying my bits around at the NEC – I hate carrier bag handle marks so this is ideal


So all in all i`m so pleased with my finds


Maybe Joanna can design some Messy Rabbit PJ`s !!!!

Thanks for sharing in my holiday trivia



3 thoughts on “Guess what they are ???? – Glenda Inspired Goodies !!!

  1. Yeah I got that bag!! Oh my goodness Joanna at London Fashion Week – do you know I wouldn’t be at all surprised. I would certainly love some Messy Rabbit PJs. My daughter has some cow print ones and matching dressing gown so I can’t see why not.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your week Suzanne.
    ann xxx

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