And the winner of the Blog Candy is ?????

The WINNER of the


for reaching my 100,000th  hits 

Is ??????? – number


( just to explain I had no 1 – 92 raffle numbers so I cut the 9 off all the 901- 992 as in the photo )

so the winner is


posted on March 1, 2009 at 7:46 pm

What beautiful creations you come up with time after time. Never stop doing what you are so good at.

Please get in contact – maybe via YUKU if on the forum so the details can be passed over and i`ll get your blog candy sent out to you

( I have had to change the blog layout so that the comments all had the numbers with each posting as the new look didn`t and I wanted to be 100% sure who 53 was – i`ll change back soon as Isobel has made contact )


Thanks all so much for taking part and for the lovely comments along the way – I do so enjoy my blog and i`m overwhelmed by the comments from people that can`t get to classes and find my work of help – so a big thank you for the joy you all bring to me too

Please if you are the winner can you get in contact with your details and then I can get your prize off to you – i`ll put a 3 week deadline on this so it can go to someone else should there be a problem in the person not coming forward  – I believe this is normal

Thanks again




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