Making An Envelope For An 8″ Card Using An A3 Sheet of Card Or Paper

This workshop is in answer to a question raised on a comment about how to make an envelope for an 8″ square card – and after playing around come up with this

Because of the size of even the 8″ card it didn`t fit start onto an A3 sheet of paper so I came up with this idea using a scrap strip of card to make a  stamped co-ordinating design panel  – and as the A3 sheet didn`t fit the 8″ card I thought as it`s easy to make an envelope for 8.25″ square card either from 2 sheets of A4 or just cutting one edge from an A3 folded sheet of card

For details of how to make the square 8.25″ card using 2 sheets of A4 card here`s the workshop I did – click here for details

This is my first attempt and flat envelope using Glenda`s new stamps and be inspired by a card a forum member had added to a post yesterday – got me thinking about this stamp

1 This view shows the strip of stamped image to co-ordinate your design


2 Then the front of the envelope using the corner stamps allowing space for the address and stamps too



3 Take your 8.25″ card and place on your A3 paper or card – making sure it`s a couple of cm`s up from the bottom ( I have folded the edges so you know what the shape is going to look like ) have a shorter edge on the right and then a larger fold on the left – it`s up to you with side you chose to have , but just saying here for the sake of what I have done


4 So score and fold the right hand edge

4 32

5 Then mark in pencil just above and below the top & bottom of where your card sits

5 52

6 Do this on both sides , extend that line across the 2 sides – as per photo


7 Then cut to the fold and across on both top sides

Do the same at the bottom and then curve the edge slightly on the piece which will be the flap of the bottom of the envelope



8 Now because you want a gap so you can pull you card out of the envelope, mark a small diagonally line and then extend the line across – also score across the line where the diagonal line starts from  

8 81

9 Now cut those lines out

9 91

10 Then I have added interest and shape to the flap of the envelope by cutting a curve to the envelope edge – this must start from the edge of the flap inwards – keep the curve you have cut off

10 101

11 Now place the piece having flipped it over so you get the reverse and then make a pencil line and the trim it off – that way you`ll get a perfect edge both sides

11 111

12 Now take a scrap of card as wide as your gap and with a couple of cm`s for the tape to go under

12 123

13 I have then taken my Glenda`s new stamps and as they were out of the packet I have mounted them onto ezmount 

 here`s a  full workshop – click here  on how to do this should you be new to stamping & using the rubber scissors !!!!

13 131

14 So stamp your design done the panel – do it with a scrap piece of paper underneath to catch the over spill ( sorry I then changed colour as my brown ink pad is getting old)

14 141

15 Then stamp the 2 corners on the envelope – make sure this if flat when you are doing this

15 151

16 I have edged the panel with gold pen touch – optional

16 161

17 Then I have placed double sided tape done each long side of the panel – using the tab technique

Click here for double sided tape workshop if needed – line your panel up and when in place remove the tabs

17 171

18 Edge the top edges with gold if you wish and then stick down the bottom tab to finish the envelope off



19 Here`s the front view of the envelope



This is just another idea using the same technique but scoring 2 lines at the sides and top to make depth for the card if it has decoupage or embellish to house

Also you do have to very care about cutting the top flap curve so you don`t cut to much away and then you see a gap when the envelope closes


Just the front view of the 2nd envelope – this one I have embossed with gold powder and then inked around the edges with milled lavender distressed ink pad ( Tim Holtz )


Here you can see the depth of the envelope


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    • Hi. If you Google it I’m sure you’ll get some information. I would also say craft creations online or Crafter’s Companion in a pack.
      I hope that helps
      Suzanne x

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