Just had to share – Necklace with Matching Earrings & Bracelet

I have for days be trying to colour a necklace lime green and finally did so but the earrings didn`t work – so yesterday I set about going into the next town and found this necklace below – only trouble no earrings

The necklace itself is to brighten up a top I got for the NEC and whilst we are holiday and as it`s brown as are the trousers and my shoes –  the lime green just seemend the right colour

Well the original necklace had 4 lengths of beads on so I cut on off and threaded then into earrings and then a bracelet – this was my first ever attempt at such a thing but thought if I can do a handle for a bag then why not – I needed a wire length for the earrings which I didn`t have but had 10 earring loops so I straightened one and that left the bead at the bottom , took the spring off and job done – so pleased with myself even gave Kris a fashion parade of them – not that he was overly impressed !!!!

So here goes




Thanks for looking a these – don`t think i`ll give up my day job !!!! – but it was fun – Suzanne


7 thoughts on “Just had to share – Necklace with Matching Earrings & Bracelet

  1. WOW Suzanne what stunning pieces of jewellery…they are truly works of art. Absolutely well done! Thank you so much for sharing them with us…anyone would be really proud to wear them.
    By the way men just don’t appreciate women’s beautiful ideas of fashion!!
    Love Sheila xx

  2. Fantastic! Love the colour!
    Well done – a great idea I shall bear in mind when next trying to match necklace with earrings.


  3. They are beautiful Suzanne, a girl of many talents. Well done on your first attempt, they are lovely.

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