Flocking – Product Write Up

Well I wasn`t going to do a Write Up this week following all the workshops on the Pop Out cards from the new Messy Rabbit CD – but set about playing with an idea for the blanket on the new stamp and one thing lead to another and thought why not !!!

Sparkle `n` Sprinkle Flocking Powder – PRODUCT WRITE UP


Click here for more details on the product

I`m using this make as it is the only one I have tried and although it won`t make for a full write up on all flocking powders it will give some ideas about this product itself

What is Flocking Powder ?????

Well it gives a suede felt-like surface & adds texture to your project

Sorry nothing as such in the dictionary relevant to crafting


I have already done a workshop on flocking meets damask stamp and just wanted to add it to this write up to complete it

Click Here for Workshop


Now for another new workshop using the flocking and

Messy Rabbit`s Baby Stamp

1 This is the reason for the write up as I wanted to play with this idea – When Erin was born she was given a soft blanket and seeing this stamp gave me the idea – there was no pink so thought i`d use the blue

1 122

2 There are 2 ways of doing this technique in this workshop – firstly using the stickum powder – so use a versamark pen and colour over the blanket where you want the flocking to stick

2 2

3 Then add the stickum powder and heat set – whilst very warm you need to apply the flocking – and then set again – a full step by step on this process is in the damask flocking working – click here and finish the card like in steps 11 & 12 or however you wish

3 3

4 Or you could use adhesive double sided sheets to do this next technique

Stamp the image onto the adhesive top sheet

4 4

5 Now cut out the part that you want the flocking to be applied too & stamp another image on your blank sheet of card

5 5

6 Stick the cut out blanket onto the other image

6 6

7 Remove the top layer so you now have a sticky surface

7 7

8 Now place the flocking over the adhesive and press it down – this was done using the over spill of applying the flocking using the stickum powder

8 8

9 Once applied just flick with your finger on the reverse of the card to allow the excess to fall off

9 9

10 Now trim your blanket out

10 10

11 Colour and cut your Messy Rabbit out – I have used Lyra Aquacolours for this and applied the decoupaged blanket to the image and matt and layer onto your base card – I have added the babies bottle as I enjoy making the last one and it worked well with the design

11 11

12 Here`s a close up of the Messy Rabbit and the flocked blanket – in real life it just adds texture and depth to the design – i`ve then added glitter to the dots on the blankets 

12 12

13 Just a close up of the babies bottle – the image from the Messy Rabbit cd- Messy Baby section and it`s be filled with Glossy accents to look like milk

Product Write on Glossy Accents if you have seen this – I just love the stuff

Click Here for details




1 Now for something different – I have inked some card with Distressed ink and I have used Glenda`s new stamps – Butterfly Poppy Collage Stamps

I`m going to do another one tomorrow using light colours so you can see the flocking more

So stamping using a versamark pad and then the stickum powder follow the process as with the flocking with Damask Stamps and you`ll achieve the same effect



2 The top flower was just using a brown stazon and the bottom flower using the Burnt Orange on the brown base – It`s so hard to see the effect here but the texture is wonderful


3 Another view – and as I have said i`ll try do another lighter one tomorrow – it was just fun playing with the colours and then just add it to you design or card



4 So here`s today`s go using green startdream card and green flocking – I have added the flocking to the top one just so you can see more

4 picture-10051

So – I hope this has given you a few ideas for using the flocking powder – I have to add I`m not 100% sure if you can use wet glue for this product but haven`t added it as I haven`t tried it

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2 thoughts on “Flocking – Product Write Up

  1. Hello, I was reading about your craft designs, you can use wet glue but your method is good for craftwork. It would be advisable to shake the item while the glue is still wet and then sprinkle a little more flock on top and shake again, this will give you a more thicker result. I hope I have been of some help.

    Kind Regards

    Rodney Moule

  2. Many thanks for this – I didn`t add the wet glue as I have never used it – so i`m pleased to read ways of doing it
    Than you so much

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