Messy Rabbit Cd – Waggling Tails Card

This is the Waggling Tails pull card with some extra tips & photos for making this card up

There are 4 in the set – and i`ll be doing workshops for them all

Envelope Pop Out Card – Click Here

Tent Pop Out Card – Click Here

Waggling Tails Pull Card – Click Here

Book Pop Out Card – Click here



1 Print your pop out pages from the Messy Rabbit cd – and instructions if you wish – score and then cut out all the pieces that are required

1 120

2 Take the tails and stick them together till the first square leaving the second and last tab unstuck

2 210

3 Then you`ll be left with to prepared tails

3 311

4 Cut the slits in the rabbits where the black lines are

4 49

5 Then pass the tails right through the rabbit till there tails touch the rabbit

5 59

6 Then for ease I have placed the tape onto the base card – the 6mm tape fits perfectly in the 4 tab section and 12 mm on the small square

6 68

7 Remove the tape top and start placing down the tabs which are the bottom part of the bunnies tails – do this on all 4 tabs

7 77

8 Then also on the top tab remove the top cover of the tape and place the tab behind the bunny

8 86

9 Pressing firmly down once you have done this

9 96

10 Then pull your label and watch the bunnie wag !!! – insert this into your inside of a card and apply your topper to the outside of the card



Have fun with your pop out card and cd


2 thoughts on “Messy Rabbit Cd – Waggling Tails Card

    • Hi there – did personally reply as I couldn`t get on to wordpress last night but yes would be honoured for you to do this – have fun
      Suzanne x

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