Messy Rabbit Cd – Pop Out Tent Card

This is the Tent  pop out card with some extra tips & photos for making this card up

There are 4 in the set – and i`ll be doing workshops for them all

Envelope Pop Out Card – Click Here

Tent Pop Out Card – Click Here

Waggling Tails Pull Card – Click Here

Book Pop Out Card – Click here



1 Print your pop out pages and instructions if you wish – I have done this project on photo paper as I wanted strong colours on the tent and as I knew it was going to be added into another card

1 a

2 Score all the points that have the dotted lines

2 b1

3 Then cut the piece out and fold the score lines – I have added red tape to the underneath of the 2 green tabs and to the other white tabs as shown below

3 c

4 Now hold the tent in one hand and wrap the tent part over and stick the tab behind the tortoise edge of the pop out – I have stuck the tab to my finger so you can see which part I mean

4 d1

5 So here is the photo stuck down

5 e1

6 Now stick the other small tab to behind the sensible squirrel image forming the tent to be close all around

6 f1

7 At this point I have folded the piece down the centre line that you scored before and flattened it then opened it again – this just crisps the pop out part

7 g

8 Now remove the red tape or double sided tape and place the tabs onto the base card – you`ll find they are slightly different shaped tabs so make sure you have the right tab on each side

8 h

9 You can fill any white score lines with green stazon ink or pens – I did as I used the photo paper

9 i2

10 There you have the pop out tent ready to add to a centre of a card and then add your topper – I also added a few decoupaged images to enhance the pop out



Have fun in making your pop out tent and with the cd


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