Messy Rabbit Cd – Envelope Pop Out Card

This is the envelope  pop out card with some extra tips & photos for making this card up

There are 4 in the set – and i`ll be doing workshops for them all

Envelope Pop Out Card – Click Here

Tent Pop Out Card – Click Here

Waggling Tails Pull Card – Click Here

Book Pop Out Card – Click here





1 Print out all your pages and instructions for your pop out card

1 119

2 Score your lines and then cut out all the required pieces

2 29

3 I have then added red tape as it`s strong or you can use double sided tape or glue to the tabs below

3 39

4 Remove the tape top and then stick down the tab that looks like an ear to the underneath of the long right hand  part of the piece

 4 48

5 Like so and ensure the fold in the face is crisp

5 58

6 Then with the face flat to the long part fold both together so the piece has the folds in the right way

6 67

7 Now place tape on the places below

7 76

8 Then stick this piece to the back of the large rabbit face you have just put together

8 85

9 This is how it will look from behind

9 95

10 Remove the top of the tape from the tabs and place them onto the places on the base card as shown below

10 107

11 Now fold the card flat

11 118

12 Now to add the envelope part – which is done using the tape again – this time the tab will go underneath so you don`t see them – do this on both side of the envelope

12 125

13 Just a tip when doing this the flowers might look like this

13 138

14 Just unfold them and lay them flat



15 I have then taken one of the small flower head stamps from the Messy stamp range and added interest to the edge of the pop out and coloured and glittered them in – I have also inked the edges too



Add your pop out into the centre of your card and then add your image to the front – I have decoupaged and used glossy accents to pick out pieces on image

Enjoy making your pop out card and using the cd


6 thoughts on “Messy Rabbit Cd – Envelope Pop Out Card

  1. You’re a whizz kid at doing these tuts Suzanne. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into them to make crafting more interesting and challenging for the rest of us. 🙂

  2. Excelent workshops Suzanne, the photo’s make it much clearer. Just got my CD this morning, it is fantastic and can’t wait to try out some of the pop outs.
    Kate x

  3. Love all the pop up cards i´m still waiting for my cd but now after i see these cards i just can´t wait.

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