How to Make A Gift Bag

Today i`m adding the gift bag that you have seen on my blog that was inspired by Debs from fee j designs when she demo`d it on C&C – and she has kindly said she didn`t mind at all if I added it as a workshop – so thanks for that Debs – the main reason for wanting to do it was it allows you to make so many different sizes for your cards and it`s very pretty too – you can have it plain or go to town with it

I have done a few variations on the bag – one being the exploding box bag


Click here for details on the workshop for the exploding bag

and also the Bag for a treasure box on anything you wish


Click here for details on the box bag


Right back to the gift bag workshop

1  Here`s the finished card bag – but although this is large you can scale the bag to whatever your needs are – but the great thing is you can make bags for the difficultto find sizes and in this workshop it will show you how

This style was make to fit the large card I had just made and I have finished the outside to match the card

1 110

2 So take your card and place it on your base card – I have used A3 stardreamcard for this project – look at the depth of your card andin this case 3 cm`s will house the depthso I have marked with pencil 3cm`s in and 3cm`s up from the base – allow for some space from the card to the start of the bag marking – this will just give some space inside the finished bag

2 26

3 Just a close up

3 36

4 Then with your markings in place go to the other corner and mark the same difference from the card to when you want the measurement to start – then mark with a line your 3cm point and trim off the excess

4 45

5 Once you have the side markings find the top of the bag height you want and mark and then measure 2cm`s andtrim off the excess above that ( this all can be done without the cutting but this bag just shows you how to make the bag with a different size in mind

It`s easier just to score in 3cm`s all round and 2cm`s on the top edge using 2 A4 sheets – that will give a nice large bag

So score all the mark lines – your 3 and 2cm lines that is  – then trim off the 4 corners as below and as this bag needs to be strong I have left the bottom corner tabs in to help strengthen the bag – but you can easily cut all 4 corners if you are doing a lighter bag

This needs to done on another sheet too – same measurements although on the 2nd sheet I have cut all the corners off and not left a tab

5 55

6 Stick or glue the piece with the tab so it`s like a box corner

6 64

7 Now you need to make the handles – measure in the same distance from each side and make a small hole – I have used this shape pokey tool ( sorry about the mess on the ruler!!!! )

7 73

8 Take your ribbon or you can make a beaded handle on wire and poke the wire through – start from the front and pass through the ribbon – I find using the tweezers helps so much

8 83

9 Place some double sided tape  either side of the holes to place the ribbon down , then stick the ribbon to this – the red line tape is extra strong and great for this although I have used normal DST for this ( I had run out )

9 93

10 Place a line of the tape across the inside of the top edge – the 2cm tab part

10 105

11 Then fold the flap down to seal the ribbon into place – it needs to be folded inwards so it won`t be seen as much – although if you wanted you could do it the other way and then decorate with a paper lace ribbon

Do this sheets to make both handles

11 114

12 Place DSTape on the side and bottom tabs of the piece without the corners on – I have added them to the top edge

12 123

13 Place the bottom edge into the bottom of the other piece

13 136

14 Then remove the DSTape and so it doesn`t stick hold it inwards slightly – put into place on the inside of the bag and do on the other side too

14 144

15 And there you have your base of your bag ready to decorate or just have plain if you wish

15 153

16 It has a nice flush clean finish inside the bag

16 161

17 To decorate and co-ordinate the design I have stamped 2 panels and as you can see the first one went wrong ( didn`t clean my stamp in between using it on a different medium ) – but rather than wasting it I stamped another smaller damask stamp so I could matt it on top and no-one would know ( except for you now !!! )

17 18

18 Here`s the finished stamped piece and to the right the main stamp – you can see how I have added the stamp of the card at random to finish the edge of and complete the design



19 I have now added a piece of matted tapestry card to the front and you can add to the back if they are a really good friend !!!!

19 19

20 Then placed the matted panels onto the bag – the middle one I have matched the image from the Fashion Boutique Cd – then added some ends of the Peacock feathers which have been grouped together and added paper flowers to the base of the feathers

20 20

21 Here we have the finished bag – I will add another one to this page after the weekend and the launch of the NEW  Messy Rabbit Cd – there may be a sample using a bag !!!! – looking forward to seeing the new CD & new stamps which are fabulous 

 keep a look out on the Joanna Sheen forum for new of there release


Many thanks for looking at this workshop  – and if you haven`t seen it why not join in my blog giveaway for 100,000th blog hits

Lots of goodies from a selection of my favourite crafters – so why not leave a message it`s all you have to do and it could be yours

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6 thoughts on “How to Make A Gift Bag

  1. Loved the workshop on the gift bag, Suzanne. Its great for really special cards. I might just have a go at one of these. Looking forward to seeing all your new samples.

    Anne (Cardy Anne)

  2. Thank you Suzanne for the brilliant workshop – I can always follow pictures better than just words!
    Pleased you are feeling better.

    Pam x

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