Stardream Product Write Up – Including an Exploding Bag for an Exploding Box

Stardream Product Write Up

So what is Stardream card – it`s a

Doubled sided Pearlescent Top Quality A4 Card


For the product and more information about it  – Click here


I thought whilst we were on the subject of card I would look up the meaning gsm as Stardream is 285gsm  and with that I found this nice paper size chart which I thought would sit well on my blog for and reference needed in the future

Definitions: gsm

Grams per Square Metre

  • Basis Weight
    The basis weight of a paper is the designated fixed weight of 500 sheets,
    measured in pounds, in that paper’s basic sheet size.
    It is important to note that the “basic sheet size” is not the same
    for all types of paper.
  • Caliper
    Caliper refers to the thickness of a sheet of paper expressed
    in thousandth of an inch. This measurement is taken with a micro meter.
    Normally, paper caliper should not have more than a + or – 5% variance
    within a sheet. Generally, the relation between caliper and basis weight ….
    the greater the caliper (the thicker the paper), the greater the paper weight.
  • Equivalent Weight
    While different paper types have different basic sizes,
    papers can still be compared by using equivalent weight


International Metric Paper Sizes – ISO Standard


WIDTH (mm)


WIDTH (in.)


A0 841 mm 1,189 mm 33.11 in. 46.81 in.
A1 594 mm 841 mm 23.39 in. 33.11 in.
A2 420 mm 594 mm 16.54 in. 23.39 in.
A3 297 mm 420 mm 11.69 in. 16.54 in.
A4 210 mm 297 mm 8.27 in. 11.69 in.
A5 148 mm 210 mm 5.83 in. 8.27 in.
A6 105 mm 148 mm 4.13 in. 5.83 in.
A7 74 mm 105 mm 2.91 in. 4.13 in.
B0 1,028 mm 1,456 mm 40.48 in. 57.32 in.
B1 707 mm 1,000 mm 28.66 in. 40.48 in.
B2 514 mm 728 mm 20.24 in. 28.66
B3 364 mm 514 mm 14.33 in. 20.24 in.
B4 257 mm 364 mm 10.12 in. 14.33 in.
B5 182 mm 257 mm 7.17 in. 10.12 in.
B6 128 mm 182 mm 5.04 in. 7.17 in.


Stardream is great for many crafting projects and especially in box making as it`s double sided you don`t get any mis matches with white backing on a coloured card – also when making different shape cards it matches well without looking wrong

The best way I like to use it is to make an 8 inch suare card using 2 sheets of the card – it`s the base for this card

 click here for the workshop on the large card

And also a matching wrap for the card 

 click here for details for the wrap


It also works well for  projects like brag books as you don`t have the worry of different colours again –  although the cover for this project wasn`t using the stardream but the tapestry card – only because I needed the white for stamping on the inside but the concertina part was done using the stardream and it`s great for that

For the full workshop – click here


I have to add waterfall cards to the list as it`s perfect for that – when the pulley is moved then you get a wonderful finish from the reverse

For workshop click here

Then the final one is the self lining box – now depending on the size of the box you may need A3 size – this can be stardream or a plain marble white but then the eye catches the stardream lid and gives the effect you need with the colour

Click here for full details and links for the self lining base too


The list can go on and on as I use this card so much – it`s a lovely weight and I enjoy using it and the quality I feel it brings to a card

But I hope I have given you a few idea – and not forgetting just a basic scored A5 card – I find scoring down the centre and then folding downwards , then creasing with a bone folder works perfectly for a crisp card and you get a smooth crease – another benefit with stardream is the core is coloured too so no white edges showing through


Workshop for an Exploding Bag for an Exploding Box

This project works hand in hand with the exploding box I made way back and instructions are on Joanna`s site – click here

Also I have done another workshop since them that helps you do a quick exploding box – click here for that


1 Take an A4 sheet of stardream – I have used a scrap grey piece of card for this as it shows up best for the camera and I didn`t want to mess up a sheet of card whilst designing this bag

This bag works for a standard size exploding box – normally of a base of 9cm

So mark 9.9cm`s & then again 9.9cm`s then you`ll be left with just under 2cm`s so the tab for the handle

Repeat on a smaller piece of the same card – 2 lots of the 9.9cm`s and 9.9cm wide and trim off  

1 17

2 Trim off the left and right square with the tab as well – try and do this neatly as you can use these pieces if you wanted just to get the bag from one piece of card

 I have moved the pieces so you can see which way the bag will be fixed together – at this point I would score and fold and crease the lines

If you are confident I would make one small pencil mark and just score the lines , then there is less to rub out

2 25

3 Place double sided tape or using a tape gun on the bottom of the smallest piece – then fix that square to the base of the bag ( middle square )

3 35

4 Here are the 2 cut off squares from the large section – they would be used instead of the second smaller piece of card should you wish just to use one sheet of card

4 44

5 This is done by sticking the tab to the edge of the other square – and normally you would cover with a panel of backing paper on the box – so a great way of making a bag form one sheet card

Just use this piece instead of the second piece that was made earlier for an off cut

5 54

6 At this point I would pierce 2 holes for the handles – this is done using the new double ended pokey tool – it`s great as it`s so sharp ( please be careful using it ) – I have used this tool rather than a Japanese screw punch as it makes I tiny hole and is great for being big enough to take the wire and then not move around as the hole is to big

6 63

7 Thread some beads onto a wire – I have used the flowersoft white wire here – i`m pleased as I got these beads at the Sheenie meet the other day

Hook the wire up at the ends to stop the beads falling off till you are ready

7 72

8 Poke the wire through and secure with cellotape no thicker than the tab will be when closed – and work from the top downwards

8 82

9 You might want to use red tape to secure the tab down as it`s strong stuff – sorry I only have the 3mm one , so use the wider one if you have it – gluing this tab might be an option as you want it to stick well – just close the tab down with whatever you choose

9 92

10 Now for decorating the outside of the bag – I have used panels of the marble paper from the Victorian Companion cd ( which I had fun finding things on there I had forgotten about ) – the girl images are from there too

For the bag I have embossed the edges with a straight line just to add interest

10 104

11 Now matt a decoupaged image to the backing paper – do this on all 4 sides

11 113

12 Now for the fun part – add the exploding box to the centre of the bag – pull up all the sides and tie a ribbon around the bag – I have matched it with the organza ribbon

12 122

13 So now you have the bag all tied up

13 135

14 Just a side view

14 142

15 Ready to give as a gift so when it`s opened the sides full down and the exploding box is ready to be taken out



I hope you have enjoyed this workshop – as I really enjoyed making the bag and love the possibilities that it could bring so selling this bag along side the boxes at a craft sale or just for giving as a lovely gift

Enjoy you stardream card and I hope this write up has given you some ideas

If you are new to my blog please have a look around – I have a few entries now !!!

Click here for the home page

& if you look on the right hand side bar you`ll find a clickable workshop listing to help you find those posts – sorry for adding so many links to a piece of work just trying to group the related pieces together for ease of finding – rather than you go hunting

Many thanks – Suzanne



5 thoughts on “Stardream Product Write Up – Including an Exploding Bag for an Exploding Box

  1. Thank you for this wonderful workshop Suzanne. I love making exploding boxes but have been at a loss as to how to wrap them – not anymore though!
    Kate x

  2. Thank you for these lovely comments – I felt a bit down that no-one liked this write up as normally the write ups cause lots of comments , but have to say Kate knowing that it will help you , you has made my day
    Thank you both kindly

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  4. Fab idea to have a bag for exploding boxes. Like many others i make loads of boxes mostly as commissions and never know quite how to “wrap” them. I always include a matching tag for the giver to write on as there is nowhere on the box thats really suitable to write on. So i use my Big Shot Express to cut a heart, square or whatever will suit the box i’ve made. I have a couple of boxes to make now and i will be trying out this bag with them. Thank you for the tutorial. Soniax

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