Gift Bag For Giving Exploding Boxes As A Gift

Well I started playing with some ideas after having so much fun with the bags

Peacock Feather Bag – Click Here

Vellum Silver Wedding Bag – Click Here

I thought what could I do next – maybe something  for a Treasure Box – I was kindly given one by Mummerick from the forum when we had the candlighters coffee morning – as it sits on my craft top so I can admire all the time

Then I got to thinking how about exploding boxes and over night whilst trying to wake up I thought it wouldn`t work with the sizes I was making and lifting the exploding box out of the bag as it would lose the exploding effect

So from one idea comes another – the exploding bag !!! – so easy to make and you can even make a bag for a 9cm out of 1 A4 sheet of card with only one tab join – or with just 1 sheet and an off cut piece

I`ll write up the workshop hopefully by Wednesday as i`m so pleased with this piece – it all goes with the exploding box I made way back and instructions are on Joanna`s site – click here

Also I have done another workshop since them that helps you do a quick exploding box – click here for that

So here are a few views of the exploding bag – sorry the pearls have a bit of a glare on them – but you`ll get the idea




I hope this gives you a few ideas of how to present your boxes – they are so quick to do & fun – and I think they`ll add greatly to the sale of your exploding box as an added extra if they were on the table – just a thought

Thanks for looking – and if you are new to my blog please have a look around – I have a few entries now !!!

Click here for the home page

& if you look on the right hand side bar you`ll find a clickable workshop listing to help you find those posts – sorry for adding so many links to a piece of work just trying to group the related pieces together for ease of finding – rather than you go hunting

Many thanks – Suzanne


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