Inserting Musical Note Module To Your Card

Today I am adding this workshop to help advise a lady on how the music module is added to a card – I hope this helps answer how it is done

I have added two ways as I had a play with it and wanted to see which way worked for me


Music Module  for more information – please click here

1 So take your modules and for this technique & as per instructions on the pack make a tri fold card , it can be any size , but you`ll get a DL one out of an A4 piece of card

1 15

2 Place the module with the notches one this piece onto the fold of the right hand score line of the card

2 23

3 Then place double sided tape on the left hand flap – I have done tab with this tape so you can pull them off when you have closed the card – but following the next step first

3 33

4 Remove the plastic protector piece from the module

4 42

5 Then close the card and remove the tabs of tape when you are happy the flap has been all lined up

5 52

6 Because of the depth of the module you will get a raised piece in the card

6 62

7 This is best covered with an insert – you`ll need to add the double sided tape to the front side of the insert – line up and remove the tape and close the card


8 Then the module will be covered


9 For another way which I found work was to take an A4 sheet and score in half – but before you do that right in the centre move the card slightly and score then move back and slightly the other way so you have 2 score lines and some depth to the fold – this will help take up the depth of the module

Then take another piece of A5 card and trim 5mm off the top edge and the side edge


10 This shows the depth of the spine of the card

10 121

11 Then place double sided foam tape on the reverse of that piece

11 81

12  Look to see where is the best place to add the module so it misses the foam tape

12 91

13 Add the module to the score fold nearest the right hand side

13 112

14 Then place the A5 prepared piece of card over the module – I have used Joanna`s foam tape as it is 2mm high and you need that depth to house the module

14 103

15 I personally would add a little amount of glue under the tab of the module as it will be getting a lot of movement when it`s opening – as they are addictive to listen too

15 131

16 Then decorate you card as you desire



Hope this helps – It was fun doing this , Suzanne


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