Waterfall Family Tree Card

Well my playing time continues and I have enjoyed saying where the ideas have come from and this one is again is inspired by the Valentine heart shaped waterfall ( page 49 ) that I did for the

World of Cards book by Joanna Sheen

the project idea then expanded with the  frame family wedding exploding box I did way back and wanted to use the oval frame stamp for this project

Click here for that one

I`ll try and show you in the photo how shaping the top of the waterfall pulley helps you use different shapes in your waterfalls – so here`s the finished card – I thought it would be nice for a Grandparent to receive a photo of them and their child and Grandchild – this is the thinking behind using these Victorian Photo`s

But the scene could be any group of photo`s – even split them up and have just 2 on a waterfall and make lots of them and plot them like a family tree on a large page – sorry mind going into over drive !!!

Instructions for different shape waterfall cards – click here 

Full instructions for the waterfall card on Joanna`s website – click here  &

also instructions step by step in Joanna`s new book


So select your photo`s – I have shown these here if not you don`t get to see them all in the waterfall


One your waterfall mechanism – trim around the curve of the oval – likewise if you were doing the heart shaped one – the images on the Victorian Romance cd at the back were used for that card


Just make sure you leave a join so you have a hinge ( sorry just had to say that just encase )


And matt , layer and embellish onto your card



As many wedding photos can be with the couple them sometimes doing a landscape waterfall would help with this – I haven`t added the photo`s for this but it will just give you an idea with the finished design


Thanks for looking in – Suzanne

If you are new to this blog then please click here for the whole thing


9 thoughts on “Waterfall Family Tree Card

  1. Stunning card Suzanne!
    I really need to learn some more words for my comments on your blog, I always seem to say the same things (maybe because your creations are always of such a high standard?)

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