Storing Sparkle `N` Sprinkle Embossing Powders and glitter

I have been tidying my craft space today and got into it a bit to much so making a card went out the window – but I have for a long while wanted to show you how I store my Glitter & Embossing Powders – and I thought it would be quicker to do , urm not sure on that score but it was fun & different

This only works with small pots as they fit into the small storage boxes that C&C often do for free with an order – or you can get them for a low price I believe

I was pleased I had this sort out as I found a few things I had miss placed and one big find some 12×12 paper which I thought I given to a friend who had just taken up scrapbooking – so now I feel I have lots more craft items as they are grouped together now it`s surprising what you find

So here is how I store my powders as I love these pots , but on using them they often appear different once heated for the embossing powders, and it`s nice to see the colours in front of you when you are choosing your tones for your work

Workshop on StoringSparkle `N` Sprinkle Glitter &

Sparkle `N` Spinkle Embossing Powder

1 So here are the boxes with embossing powder & glitter in – not much to go on for the true colours

1 13

2 So I have added so adhesive sheetto a light piece of card and then punched out a square – or you can cut out a square using your guillotine – cut a 3.5cm square

2 22

3 So remove the top paper and sprinkle the glitter over the sticky paper

3 32

4 Using your finger work the glitter into the adhesive sheet

4 41

5 Tap of the excess and there is your true colour of the glitter – I was amazed at how different some of the colours looked in the jar to being done this way

5 51

6 Now for the embossing powder , I tried to do it with a cut piece of card but you have nothing to pick it up with as any tool marks the powder , so I use a versamark pad and ink up a small amount

6 61

7 Then heat emboss the powder

7 7

8 For quickness I have done 6 of the 12 on one scrap sheet , but it works well when doing lots of them



9 Then cut to size – I always add the colour number and the sub group of the embossing powder so I know if it`s a cosmic powder or opaque one –  I have added some Sakura gold pentouch to the edge , just because I felt it finished it off – I have a pot of ones nearing the end of their lives so I would recommend you use an older one as the glitter can come off on the nib


10 Then place the squares onto the lid of the powders , with the colours below

10 9

11 So here you have your Glitters and Embossing powders ready for you to get out with ease whilst stamping or glittering

11 111

12 Then inside you`ll see the numbers and types of powder – makes it easy if you need a colour you have the code for , and also it makes it easy when ordering knowing which one you need as it`s low and you have the sub group there too so – no hunting through the groups trying to find it



Thanks for sharing my my way of storing my powders – it can work on a chart for the wall too although you wouldn`t have the pot next to it – it may just give you a few idea for yourself – as I don`t know about you I just love looking at the colours and this way I can



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