Pinflair Glitter Glue – Product Write Up

Pinflair Glitter Glue



click here for the product itself 

& only £2.45 & free P&P


1x 20ml Bottle Glitter Glue with Fine Tip:

Bottle is made from white, squeezable plastic

  • Screw top which when opened reveals a fine nozzle tip for ease of application
  • Adhesive for all types of glitter
  • Dries in 10 minutes 

My enjoyment and take on this product is all about the above features, best of all has to be the ease of the squeezable plastic bottle and how the thinner glue comes out

The large screw top which keeps the glue from drying up , which I have often found with the other glues I have used , you get half way down and the glue gets thicker and the nozzle gets all blocked ( this is just my findings when I have used others )

The other feature is about the glue is the quickness of drying , which I didn`t always trust and keep poking it to see if it`s dry and yes it was


 I have been enjoying the Product Write up`s   and they have become a bit of a habit , what with looking for something to write up about and as a crafter to buy as well , but I have been trying to also do the low cost products too – I don`t think one has been over £6.00 if that – I enjoy finding out more about each product for myself as well as sharing what I find ( would like to add I have never been asked to do these write up at all – I just do them as I love the products Joanna stocks )

I have to say I have been blown away by this glitter glue as other glues I have tried with a fine applicator have always been to hard for me to apply , but this bottle you hardly have to touch and the glue comes out , great for some of the projects I have to share – I know I will never cover everything but it will give my take on the product and hopefully some ideas for you too


Well as it`s February I thought Red Hearts were in order and it worked in with Joanna Sheen`s Monthly Challenge 

I chose this card to do as it was one similar to the one I did in the new

World of Cards book – by Joanna Sheen

Vellum Glitter Fan / Acetate Card Workshop


 1 I have stamped with silver lightening embossing powder onto parchment

Then used the following the workshop to thicken the parchment to help curve and make this dimensional fan – click here for workshop



2 So once you have the parchment thickened – I have have taken the base of the fan with the hearts in and cut this section out – I keep old decoupage snips for working with thick pieces of work so I don`t ruin my best ones



3 Then apply the glitter glue to the hearts – I have found it best to work around the edges and then work inwards keeping the nozzle in the glue itself



4 Sprinkle over the glitter



5 Tap off the excess



6 As I loved using this glue for the first time I then carried on and did the individual circles on the edge of the fan , this glue was ideal for that



7  Then the fan was assembled using the Pinflair Glue Gel and both sections were tilted slightly to add to the effect



8 Then the card was assembled onto the acetate base and embellished with a tassel , ribbon & metal corners




Applying glitter to a patterned backing paper to give dimension

Take a sheet of patterned backing paper – this one has come from the latest Cottage Garden Cd

1 1back

2 The pattern on the flower just lends itself to be glittered – I know you can use a quickie glue pen for this sort of project but because the area is large it works well using the glue

2 2back

3 I have then picked up the dots on the pattern and applied the glue

3 3back

4 Then sprinkle with the glitter and knock off the excess and allow the card to dry – use the card in the normal way you would with your cardmaking 

If whilst doing the above or whilst working with glue you make a mistake the next section is for you

4 4back


A way of retrieving a mistake without spoiling your work

1 See the bottom dot has to much glue

1 1me

2 Add the glitter as you would normally

2 2mes2

3Then take a scrap of card ( I would use a thick piece , this was a piece of stardream ) and then  scoop the glitter and glue up

3 3mes

4 It will come up in one piece and retrieve your piece of work you might have thought you have ruined – ensure the piece is dry before sprinkling anymore glitter around this area

4 4mes1


Adding a lovely line to your work and also a great point for cutting that edge

1 As the glue is a lovely consistancy why not try embellishing you work at the edge with glitter , I have made a wiggerly line with the glue

1 1gli

2 Sprinkle the glitter onto the line of glue and allow to dry

2 2gli

3 Now cut very close to the outer edge of the glitter – the glitter will just act as your guide

3 3gli

4 Then you are left with a very neat edge – this could be done in a square to make a nice matting for an image , or doing two pararell lines with a space in between you can the embellish it with ribbon running through the middle and then mount it onto your work with foam tape behind it




Using your glue in the channels of your embossed work

One thing I love about the forum is the sharing of ideas , I read about using glitter in the embossed groove on there , not 100% sure who it was but thought this was a nice take on that technique

1 Take your embossed lines, I have used the Glitter Girls embossing board for this as there is a special filigree design on the board – be careful not to emboss out of the grooves as you will be seeing this side of the work

1 picture-604

2 Apply the glue to the lines and grooves , not filling the groove but just one single line

2 picture-605

3 Then sprinkle with your glitter for a lovely effect , another way would be to work on acetate and have a design you might have wanted to trace but using the acetate you wouldn`t have to do that , follow the lines and then apply the glitter

Use this piece within your card making or scrapbook page




And with ease on acetate too

1 Stamp your image onto the acetate – I haven`t embossed it – then apply the glue ( as you can see I haven`t filled in 100% of the tip of the diamond and you`ll see how it didn`t add the glitter in the next photo )

The glue went to 100% of where I placed it and no shrinking at the edges , I haven`t found anything that would fill in the space  in any other products I have used –  then apply the glitter  


2 Then you will have great results

2 2per1

So you could say by this workshop i`m in love with this glue and don`t mind shouting about it – I know I haven`t covered evrything that could be done with the product but it gives you some ideas

Many thanks for looking in at this product write up – it`s been fun



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