Cottage Garden Card – with Glossy Accent Sentiment

Well I was going to post something different tonight but after coming on the computer to upload a few photo`s for the write up Wednesday , that went by the by and the whole write up has been completed , only took a few hours more than I thought !!!!

So here`s a sample to share – it`s a quick card made from the

 Cottage Garden Cd   

But I just loved it for the image and used the carnation backing paper to match ,  the sentiment was printed using the new interactive sentiment section – I also used my glossy accents to make a feature of the sentiment

Product Write up on Glossy Accents if you missed it – click here


I have also added this one today as CardyAnn asked about glossy accents on the forum , this shows how it curves the paper up slightly on lighter weigh paper or card – this is a 160gsm – but I would have done this again but I liked the effect – the roses are from my stash which I got the the C&C Hilton Experience in the summer  


Thanks for looking in



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