Glimmer Mists – how simple and quick it was to use

I thought following on from yesterday`s posting of the treasure box – click for the  full posting and the many comments saying I can never get it to look like that

 well no word of a lie it took 2 minutes if that to do the 2 sheets



I placed 2 sheets of scrap paper underneath the textured white card stock , 300gsm weight – it`s dark blue on the reverse but the right weight just an unused sheet of card sitting in the cupboard

& then sprayed the Forest Green and Robin`s Egg Blue glimmer mist 

 when it starts to curl I dabbed with the paper & ink with some tissue to blend the colour


By then the card bends up well – so I took a pokey tool as it was near to hand and held the card down whilst spraying with

Jazz blue & Key Lime Pie Glimmer Mist

This was just left to dry and it didn`t take long – it was stamped within the hour


Then to finish the box off I sprayed the Flora Doodle roses with the same colours – mopping up any ink from the non stick sheet I did it on – they were placed on a tea towel over the radiator for 20 mins and then they were dry


Thanks for looking in & for all the lovely comments , they are very much appreciated  



8 thoughts on “Glimmer Mists – how simple and quick it was to use

  1. Thank you so much Suzanne, I think I must use a bit too much on the first spray and I think I should get a specific colour range at one go as opposed to cherry picking colours I like
    Beryl x

  2. Beryl – it was funny as I just grabbed 4 bottles from the cupboard as they were up high and just swapped one for the lime green as I know it shows up well – but I do love the range , I got the colours as i love peacock colours and they have been great
    Have fun

  3. Wow Suzanne, I’ve just bought some Glimmer Mists and wondered how to work with them – thank you.

    I’ve tagged you Suzanne … sorry 🙂

  4. Anne – i`m sorry but I have no address for you in the comment e-mail with the post so don`t know how to add it back to you – so I hope you understand as I have already added a photo so will leave it at that for now
    But thanks anyway

  5. Hello
    Thanks for the workshop. Your “lessons” have proved invaluable to me on the “how to use” front. Never knew what to do with the sprays and I really will have to have a go but am a little apprhensive as I am sure to make a right mess one way or another. Hugs Dorothy.

  6. Hello Suzanne
    Thanks for the swatches they are a great help. I am particularly interested in the one done on white paper lightly sprayed from high up with Lava Red, did you just spray this as it brilliant just like snow, or did you so some other “tricky things”. Would love to produce this for Christmas. Dorothy

  7. Hi Dorothy – The light red was just sprayed from hiher up no tricks just a light spray
    This is why I did the swatches so you could see them as is
    As you say will be lovely for Christmas time

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