Cross Stitch Lily Picture – In Memory Of My Grandad


This cross stitch picture is very special to me for many reasons – mainly as I bought the pattern for it the day after my Grandad died as it was one of his favourite flowers , it just seemed right at the time and a few months before he died he gave me all his Arum Lilies plants as Nan didn`t like them , so they are a very treasured flower in my garden

I started the cross stitch piece which is 20 x 15 inch , so a big piece a few months later and managed to get a third of it done and then it was put down & as my work got busier & busier , then 5 years ago my cardmaking started fully and the cross stitch didn`t get a look in

One day I was chatting to Mum about my regret I don`t ever seem to have time to get into it now –  so she kindly took it away some 14 months ago – she took it on holiday in France when they toured around – and even left it in a B&B !!!! – luckily they know the lady as they had been before and she posted it back free of charge ( Mum only told me after she had received it back as she was worried about what I would say ) –  then Mum stuck with it and finished it off for my Christmas present this year

I will always be very grateful to my dear Mum for finishing it off – I`m sad I never completed as I feel I have let myself down on that part – but very pleased it`s finished as part of a team

I then chose a frame and she laced it up and finished the piece and I got it back last weekend – to say i`m over the moon is an understatement – it now takes pride of place in the lounge – i`m so pleased as I get to see it all the while in there

I just wanted to share this piece with you all and my happy memories of my Grandad who in my eyes was the rock of this family , such a genuine , caring man who we have such fond memories off – never a bad word was spoken and I do miss being able to talk to him , but cherish him dearly

Sorry the picture is not straight , but the glass was reflecting



8 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Lily Picture – In Memory Of My Grandad

  1. Suzanne what a beautiful picture and with the Lilies in your garden as well, what a lovely way to remember your dear Grandad every day of your life.

    You are very lucky I never had any grandparents they all died before I was born.

    Treasure the memories.

  2. Wow this is stunning, I too have cross stiches from a long time ago which I haven’t finished. Must get round to it.
    Having just lost my Grandad. (The only 1 I had for 34 years) I know how you feel. It is such a loss to the family but I’m sure you will have happy memories when you look at the picture. I got all the money my Grandad had and bought a Hen’s Nest for my eggs as Gran and Grandad have always had one. I smile everyday now when I get an egg as I think of the happier times together. Hazel xo

  3. This is beautiful. A wonderful item to treasure and pass onto your children.
    I too didn’t have any grandparents when I was growing up.
    So glad you have special memories of your Grandfather.


  4. What a lovely picture Suzanne, you and your Mum have made and excellent job of it and the memories it will invoke are beyond price. Enjoy!
    Kate x

  5. What a lovely way in which to remember your beloved Grandad Suzanne, and thank you for sharing such a special project here.
    I’m sure that he would have loved the piece that you and your mum have crafted together and probably thought how appropriate it was for you both to have contributed. How wonderful too that his flowers continue to bloom in your garden, another wonderful way for you to treasure his memory.

    I only knew one Grandfather, but he died nearly 25 years ago and I often think about him, esecially as I haven’t had any grandparents now for a long while.

    Love and hugs,
    Jo XX

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