Another Special Awrd

Wow – what a wonderful award – thank you Ann

I was so kindly given this award a few days agao and it made my day – thank you Ann – the rules of the award are

Anyway when you receive this award you must list your 7 most favourite things and then give this award to 7 other bloggers so here goes:

My 7 Favorite Things

1. My wonderful Family

2. My wonderful group of friends and that includes , forum friends & blog / facebook friends – you all know who you are
3. Crafting which plays an important part in my life and I just love
4. Going to Slimming Worls and losing weight – just over 2 stone to date
5. Watching craft programmes
6. Thinking up new ideas
7. Weekend trips out with the family
And the AWARD goes to… in no order
1. Wendy
2. Crafty Ann
3. Carol
4. Irene – all occasions cards
5. Chrissie
6. Calonie
7. Kym
A big thank you to all the blogs that I visit – you all deserve an award as blogs hold so much hard work and information – but here are just a few of my favourites – thank you all for making them special

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