Acetate Dome & Frame – Product Write Up

What are Acetate Domes & Frames ?????acetate-oval1




Click here for all the details on the oval domes & frames

This write up is following on from last weeks Acetate Write up as they work in well with the theme

Details click here if you missed it

 I wanted to do a mini write up on the domes too , and i`ll link it all together – but I just love the domes & frames as they are wonderful for adding a wow factor to your work

Yoy can colour the frame with your inks to shade the edges and also matt your work up or I love the  the fact you can use the frames as a template to add the frames to your other card stock – giving you more scope with your colours and uses for the domes too

They are great for covering decoupage and for making shaker cards too


There are great examples of these ideas in Joanna`s gallery – not my work But thankfully Sonia has agreed that I may add these to the write – Thank you so much Sonia

This one with an Egyptian theme –

  - Click to enlarge

And another using the Messy Rabbit

  - Click to enlarge

Then this STUNNING yellow rose design – which is one of my all time favourite samples of Sonia`s



So the workshop that will work along this product is how to make it into a gift idea working with the new cd the Cottage Garden

Seed Packet Gift Card – Workshop



1. So first you need to prepare the front cover – select the size you want and score a line on an A4 sheet of card – i find stardream the best as you don`t have to worry about the back matching as it`s double sided

 I have scored all around the edge with an embossed line to lift the design

1. 114

2. Then for your next score line you need to make another scoreline 1.5cm`s in to make the depth of the card to take the depth of the dome – once you have the depth fold the back and trim to the same width as the cover – again I have embossed all around the edges

2. 25

3. Now using the front cover you have just made , you need to make the insert , so measure and score this page within the measurements of the outer card and then score another line so the card would be exactly the same width front and back and then trim off the card with a 2cm tab – I got both front cover and then the inside out of 2 A4 sheets of card

So lay your frame for the dome onto your card and draw around the inside and then cut out the aperture – you`ll need it on the lefthand side of the card with the tab fully on the righthand side

3. 35

4. Once you have it cut out place the dome on the inside of the card – I like to use the 3mm red tape as it is strong

4. 44

5. This is how it will look once you fold the card over with the tab underneath to attach to the card later – although it all still needs to be stuck in place but first

5. 54

6. I have taken the Salvia image and printed it out in black and white as I didn`t want the image to take away the effect of the seeds – this way it just blends – stick the image down with double sided tape

6. 64

7. Then place the double sided tape around the Salvia side of the card – this needs to be right up to the edge and then again around the dome edge

7. 74

8.  Add the seeds , (I have to say I have cheated here are for the effect these are mustard seeds not Salvia seeds as they stand out more on TV for the sample )

Remove the tape on both sides and then fold over the lefthand side with the Salvia image on to close in the seeds

8. 84

9. Place double sided tape on the tab and then place that onto the edge of the base of the card – leaving the scored depth of the card still free – as this will take the dome depth


10. This is how it will look once in place


11. I have then added another piece of card with the edges scored to cover the tab and the added the bookmarks to the back to make a nice personal sentiment

The bookmark has been done using the interactive part with the words added saying

I think of you often & thought it would be nice to share the

 same plant in the garden

Then next section says – And watch it grow like our friendship has over the years

I have added the words as there is a problem with enlarging the photo`s at the moment

11. picture-3421

12. This seed card has then been added to a matted matching backing paper onto an large card made from 2 sheets of Mars Stardream card ( my favourite !!! if you hadn`t guessed  ) – then finished with an organza ribbon and paper roses  





So today`s workshop just shows how you can use the domes & frames in a different way

Thanks for stopping by



10 thoughts on “Acetate Dome & Frame – Product Write Up

  1. Thank you so much for doing this workshop Suzanne. I loved the card when I saw it on Sunday’s show and with your workshop I will be able to use the idea without having to do all the working out.
    Kate x

  2. Such a wonderful card Suzanne, really inspired, and a super workshop.
    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and techniques with everyone 🙂

    Jo XX

  3. Thanks for a very informative workshop, I have these acrylic domes but have not worked out how to cut the cards to fit the domes, you have now answered that for me so I will be able to use them now.
    Keep up the good work Suzanne. I find your tips invaluable.

  4. I was wondering where to buy the acetate domes?? I have searcehd the web and cannot find anywhere……Thanks…..Karen

    • I used to get mine from Joanna Sheen`s site but just looked and can`t find them either – I know it something that Crafter`s Delight used to show and i`m sure that`s where the main source came from – worth a try

  5. Hi Suzanne,

    I love this card of yours and would like to try making one but can’t quite understand the instructions, don’t suppose you have done a utube of it have you?? I seem to have a lot of trouble with written instructions and this has got pictures but I still can’t get it!!
    many thanks

  6. Hi Susanne,
    love the cards but having trouble finding the domes,especially the round ones.Do you know of a supplier that can provide them for me.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi – thanks for the kind words
      The domes aren`t around like they used to be – I think Pinflair maystill do them ?? – maybe of you google them you might still find them
      Sorry I can`t be of more help

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