Cottage Garden Image – How To Make A Tissue Box Holder

Well this workshop has come out of the Acetate Product Write Up – click here is you missed it – I did it the other day and whilst  trying and adding different things the last frame idea gave me this idea as it looked like a top of a tissue box – I wasn`t planning another workshop so soon but as many liked the idea and I have just celebrated my 100th workshop so here it is – I thought I could get away with just doing part of the workshop but as I loved the project thought it would be nice to have it in full – the  next product write up might be on the drag as a result but i`m sure it`s worth it by adding this

Tissue Box – Workshop


1. Below are all the materials needed for the workshop – the poppy image from the new cottage gardens cd has been done using the snapshot tool and highlighting the largest image then right clicking copy – placing in a blank word document and then keeping the width the same but dragging the bottom edge to make the circle frame an oval – needs about 2 inches extra for this shape – then I have copied the poppy itself twice for decoupaging

1. 113

2. So cut out the inner frame with your snips

2. 24

3. Then the outer frame

3. 34

4. Take your tissue box – this is where it might differ for you – but I have found using a box with 9cm depth on all sides and a base of 11.5cm`s is exactly right for an A3 sheet of card – if the measurements are smaller than you`ll still be able to get it out of a sheet

So measure the side


5. Then measure in on your A3 sheet of card – if your box is smaller just measure in 2 sides the add in your base measurement across the middle section before adding the 2 other score lines – if you can`t get the box with a 9cm & 11.5 cm again keep the original and then refilthe tissue from underneath the box and then close it back up again

So score all 4 sides and crease them over

5. 53

6. Now take your mirri card and leave a bit of an edge and trim to size – this is for the top middle section only

6. 63

7. Then do the same with a piece of the antique gold stardream card leaving a smaller edge so it matts onto the gold mirri – place your cut poppy image into place – it will be slightly over centre and draw around the inner edge and then cut out – you`ll need this measurement and cutting to be spot on so it holds the image firm and will be strong when pulling the tissues out once finished

7. 73

8. Do the same with the poppy image straightonto the top middle section of the box – then like here I have draw a rectangle around the oval so I can cut this rectangle out – make sure you don`t go to close to the edge , do the same with the mirri too

8. 83

9. So now you have the box with middle section removed and then the mirri & stardream card cut too


10. Take the poppy image and stick it to the gold stardream piece – on all the matting pieces I have edged it with an embossed line to add a little extra

10. 101

11. Then you have your main part of the box

11. 112

12. Stick and matt that onto the gold mirri& then place with foam tape onto the prepared box base – like below I have cut the box corners into place with (v) notches  & prepared the double sided tape

12. 122

13. Now stick all 4 corners into place ensuring all the flaps are underneath the box

13. 131

14. And there you have the main part of the box ready to take the tissues – I felt it didn`t need it but if your tissues need to be lifted you could add some velcro dots to the inner lid and then the tissues so that way the box will keep for much longer

14. 141

15. Take the box and add matted panels to edge of the sides ( like in photo 16 )


16. I have then trimmed with an organza ribbon – pulling it in the middle with some cotton and knotting – then placing a decoupaged poppy or you could add a paper poppy

16. 161

17. I have tied the ribbon with a bow on one end and then gone back and made another and added it with silicone for the other end

17. 171

18. And there we have the finished box

18. 181


Thanks so much for looking in – a great pressie idea or for a charity / craft table – or just for your own use

If you are new to this blog – please click here for the whole blog

If you get stuck with measurements etc please ask I might be able to help – saying that if you find them tissues with the same measurements then no cuttin will be required – these didn`t have a brand on them but come from a BP garage if that helps



3 thoughts on “Cottage Garden Image – How To Make A Tissue Box Holder

  1. Fantastic workshop Suzanne and the tissue box is sooooooo beautiful. Such a clever lady and many thanks.

    Love Sheila xx

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