Acetate Insert Lid – Using The Cornucopia BOOKAFLEUR

Following the Product Write Up on Acetate I wanted to do this lid to show another use of acetate – click here for write up


1. Take use piece of card – I like to use stardream card as it is double sided – and then embossed a circle , square or as here I have used the glitter girls cornucopia  BOOKAFLEUR  board to make a flower shape and whilst using it found out it was good for making the square shape needed as well as a frame border

So emboss as you wish ensuring you have a centre line to cut out ready to take the acetate

1. 110

2. Once you have your shape cut out the flower – I like to do this from the top and use an old pair of decoupage snips that I like to keep just for card and fiddly jobs

I find it you start your work of a little and the make a bigger hole using a bigger pair of scissors it makes your cutting out easier

2. 23

3. Once cut out I have edged with sakura gold pentouch

3. 33

4. Now I have taken a second piece of card and lined it up a few mm`s off top and side edge and then just scored the flower – once you have done this make a mark at the 2 cutting points a few mm`s in from the other to corners

4. 42

5. Now trim off the excess at this point


6. I have then edged again with gold the flower and the edge of the card – this piece will be the liner of the lid so you don`t see the acetate – or can be used in another way – more later !!!!

6. 62

7. If using a score board line the already scored line of the square on the box , where the embossing tool is showing , then score the next line across and then the next one so you have a thin then thicker line for the lip of the box – at this point you can make the depth as much as you like , big if you use A3 card – following to line again on each side complete this on all edges

7. 72

8. Then trim off the 4 edges at the last score edge you made then as you would with a lid cut v`s into the corners of the box – as shown

8. 82

9. Then crease the lines up , not the square inner embossed line  , fold the corner tabs too , I like to keep it open but you can glue or tape the corners at this point


10. Take a piece of acetate and cut it smaller than the square lid but bigger than the flower and using a tape gun or double sided tape stick it to the inside of the lid

10. 10

11. Then take your already prepared liner and stick over the acetate , this gives a nice neat finish to the box lid , then glue your tabs down

11. 111

12. Now for a twist why not make a shaker top to the lid – using the same steps with the second liner place the acetate on the inside of the liner

12. 121

13. Then apply your DST or tape gun to the top edge of the box , not right up to the edge – if doing it this way you don`t need to do the fancy embossing in the corners as it won`t be seen

13. 13

14. Add another piece of acetate

14. 14

15. Then with your liner topper place some foam tape on the inside edge like you would for making a shaker card

15. 15

16. Place your shaker bits on the box lid and then place the smaller liner piece over the top ( you can use more bits then I did – just being tight !!!)

16. 16

17. Then glue your tabs up – use wet glue and pegs it if wish

17. 17

18. Then you have a shaker lid

18. 18

19. With a neat inside – now to make your base – I normally make my lid and the the base by taking the lid measurement and then adding that measurement to my piece of card minus 2 mm`s – and I would use the technique of the self lining box I made and did a workshop for

 – click here for a link

19. 19

Another idea is to use your stamps for a edge of any apeature – like the one I did here but instead of the black insert that have been lowered down by foam pads – add your acetate like in the workshop


Another idea which has just come to mind whilst doing this and looking for the photo above is to use a Victorian photo frame and add the acetate inbetween – I `ll have a play and add one as some as I have time too

Here it is –

1. I have mounted and cut out the the centre of the mirri to allow me to frame the mount – I just like that extra edge – here is a workshop I have done before on this if you need it – click here 

 then make the oval shape on your lid – the box has been made in the same way as shown in workshop for the lid – with these Victorian mounts a lid works well on an A4 stardream card as it only needed a thin piece cut from one edge and the rest was scored on 3.5cm score line – I then made another smaller liner for the inside of the box and placed acetate behind the frame


2. On the oval on the box lid I have roughly cut it bigger all around so that I could add foam tape to the frame for extra dimension and it wouldn`t be seem

2. picture-378

3. Place the liner on the inside of the box and there we have a lid made with a frame , ready to make the base  – don`t add the acetate and you could have a fancy tissue box , now there`s a thought for the dressing table !!!!

3. picture-379

4. It was hard to photo so I hope this shows it off ok

4. picture-380


This workshop was to complete the product write up on acetate I did this week so I will link it altogether – and there is another pending workshop with a acetate dome to be completed and added too – so keep an eye out

Click here for acetate write up


Thanks for looking in again – I hope this workshop has given you a few ideas

till next time – Suzanne



10 thoughts on “Acetate Insert Lid – Using The Cornucopia BOOKAFLEUR

  1. Another wonderful workshop Suzanne, the box is brilliant but the heart card is absolutely gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing some of your wonderful creations for Joanna’s new CD on Sunday
    Beryl x

  2. A fabulous workshop as always Suzanne, definitely something I would like to work into a project in the near future.

    Thank you for your hard work in bringing us your inspirational ideas.

    Jo XX

  3. Thanks guys – i`m so excited Kris just back from the garage filling the car up and I asked to see if they sold boxes of tissues and they did so i`m off to play – will report back

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