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This product above is a thick acetate – as they come in different weights but I have found the thicker one to work best for all my projects – here are the words that accompany the product 

Don’t mix this up with the thin acetate that is not even as sturdy as paper. These sheets are heavyweight and more like thin card. I find this weight far easier to work with when making acetate sandwiches with pressed flowers. They seem to attract less static and make it simpler to work with – give them a try and see …

please note you can’t run these through a printer – you’ll need printable inkjet acetate for that


What is Acetate ????

Something ( as a textile fibre ) made from cellulose acetate

Acetate is also refer to cellulose acetate , especially fibres or other derived products such as acetate disc used in record production , cellulose acetate can be found in many household products

Cellulose Acetate – click here  for the history and lots of information about the product

I wanted to add about the history of how it all started directly here but there is so much information and  if with copyright then I couldn`t – but I enjoyed finding out more about the make up of where and how we get acetate


As crafters we use acetate for many different projects – and when doing this write up I didn`t realise how much I actually use it – I have already done at least 5 workshops with it in , exploring different ways and techniques of using it – so for ease I have added a photo and a link to each of those projects – I have started with one of the most popular styles we use acetate for a shaker card

A write up wouldn`t be complete without mentioning an acetate card , I made my first acetate base card earlier this year for the pending release of the

World Of Cards book by Joanna Sheen

 I loved doing it and have felt as there will be many cards within the book that I wouldn`t add an acetate card to this feature – once the book is released I will come back and add one to this feature maybe in a workshop form    


A shaker card – click here for workshop

One of the most used uses for acetate

Messy Rabbit through the acetate window – click here for workshop

Used here to add depth and interest to the project

Pressed Flower acetate frame waterfall card – click here for workshop

Here it allows the use of pressed flowers within your product knowing the flowers will stay safe and not get damaged

Koi & h20`s on acetate – click here for workshop

Here it offers the use of other mediums to be added to your work and also shows how you can add a brad to secure your acetate to your work

Card Toonz Airplane – click here for workshop

This I love as it really adds a 3D effect to your work and is a real favourite with children or all ages

Victorian Frame meets pressed Flowers – click here for workshop

Here I have used acetate and decoupages flowers over the top which gives a great look

Another project this time without workshops is  just using a whole sheet to cover the pressed flowers and then the triple embossed vase is added on top to weight the acetate down

Another idea is stamping on the acetate with staz-on and then adding the crystal lacquers from behind then placing over a plain white piece of card and then the hanger itself

This write up wouldn`t be complete without one of my favourite uses mini shakers – the seed packet below



Another using nappy pins


And here with a shaker in the main picture and then a mini one on  jump rings

And finally this one mixing the 2 parts together

Acetate can be used in so many differnet ways and here I have shown a few ideas but you can also use it for pop out cards inserted behind the cut out part

Another favourite is the domed acetate ovals which I will add a workshop for a gift idea next week – one of the most stunning pieces of crafting I have ever seen is Sonia`s yellow rose behind a dome – i`m sure Sonia`s won`t mind if I add a link to her work – the rose is found in the floral fantasy section


I haven`t even added anything about heat resistant acetate film – and as that just adds so much more to the ideas that can be achieved but will do anothe write up with it included

Bookafleur Workhop for an acetate box lid – click here

Acetate / workshop dome product write up – click here

Thanks for looking again – I hope that it has given you some ideas about the product itself and it`s many uses



9 thoughts on “Acetate Product Write

  1. oh Suzanne – amazing cards – superb article. I will have to come back and read this properly later as I was so busy looking at the pictures that I haven’t took it all in.

    Ann xxx

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours. Thank you for this write up Suzanne, I have only every used the printable acetate and have never thought about the weight before. I must give it a try.
    I have missed your posts recently – can we look forward to some of your wonderful creations from the new cd?
    Beryl x

  3. Thanks Beryl – had a rest over the Christmas period and then into samples and then been away for the weekend , not forgetting the printer hassle
    But yes after the show i`ll add some of the samples and I have a few workshops related ready to write up – will have a bit of spare time now

    Many thanks

  4. Happy New Year Suzanne and many thanks for this wonderful write up on the acetate, and as always stunning cards.

    • Hi Joanna Sheen ltd is where I get mine from and it`s a good thickness – here should be links in the write up if needed


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