Gold / Metal Leaf – Product Write Up


Today`s write up is about metal leafing

Click here to view the product , gold or silver




Metal leaf can come in many different forms – sheets like above , also different colours &  in varigated colours too , flakes , gold leaf pen & liquid form – but here we are looking at the metal sheet form


 What is Gold leaf ???? – encyclopedia terms

is gold that is beaten into extremely thin sheets. The thin gold sheets are commonly used for guilding  

Gold leaf is available in a wide variety of karats and shades. 22-karat yellow gold is the most commonly used.

Gold leaf is sometimes confused with metal leaf  but they are different products.

The term metal leaf is normally used for thin sheets of metal of any color that do not contain any real Karat gold. 24 Karats is pure gold. Real yellow gold leaf is about 92% pure gold. Silver colored white gold is approximately 50% pure gold.

Layering gold leaf over a surface is sometimes called gold leafing, and is a very common form of GILDING


Well have learnt something there as I always call it gold leafing – should be metal leafing as the product itself is called !!!!!!



Art metall itself  is ( as written by their company )

I have added as there are some useful pieces that the metal can be added too

Art Metall is an interesting material for decorative purposes! With these wafer thin beaten metal sheets (thickness 1/2000mm) you can refine paper, cardboard, wood, glass, plastic, styropor, porcelain, metal, jewellery and natural materials such as stones, leaves, shells, pine cones, etc., and ready-made items such as plastic balls, candles, egss etc. Art-Metall is available in 140mm x 140mm sheets and as flakes. Each packet contains precise, colour-illustrated instructions for use. White liquid glue (PVA) is great for sticking Art-Metall along with some other mediums too.


Here is a link for the workshop I did the other day on

Gold leaf with stickum powder – click here

great product for using with a stamped image and allowing you to gold leaf the design with ease


So following on from the taster of the workshop link I have put together a few examples of different uses on how to apply metal leaf to your work – I started with a couple but then couldn`t leave some others out

Metal leaf using adhesive sheets & acetate


1. Stamp using staz-on your design onto a sheet of acetate and then again onto the outside sheet of the adhesive sheet

Lots have said how nice this bridal stamp and I didn`t relaise that the stamp is in the discount store for only £4.99 rather than £14.95 at the time of doing this article – 7-1-09 – click here for more details – sorry got my bargin head on


2. Then cut the adhesive sheet like below , just making sure you have cut around the bust area and under the arms right on the line of the image – the other part of the cutting can be left just over as you will be cutting it out

Then remove the top sheet and stick it to the image , on the reverse side of the acetate so the stamped image is on the top of the acetate –  then remove the second backing sheet and apply the metal leaf – which will be on the back allowing the image to show through

Trim around the stamped image and also the arms , shoulders and head that will be left blank  



3. Then you can matt the decoupaged image onto a pink base so it looks like skin colour – also with this design I have removed the veil to make it a prom card

3. ball-gown

4. The same technique can be used for the chocolate stamps – I just find it easy to do it this way and glues and quickie glue pens can dry up around the edges on the acetate , this way is quick and gets the metal leaf in all the right places – like the chocolate image as it has a fine design cut away , also the cup cases have be made gold using the same technique 




Metal leaf & Cricut Machine ( or punches )

1. This is just a fun idea to make an embellishment for a card or scrapbook page as often you don`t want the embellishment to be heavy on a scrapbook page – and that`s where the idea can from

Take a piece of paper – thin one and apply it to the cutting mat – then take  some adheshive paper & remove the bottom sheet of the adhesive

1. 11

2. Then stick it to the paper leaving the top cover on so it isn`t sticky  when it is put through the machine

2. 21

3. Cut out your image , here I have done a 50

3. 31

4. Remove the top layer of the adhesive paper and then apply the metal leaf

Once it is placed on smooth around the edges like I have done on the 5 – the 0 is how it will look with the metal leaf on

4. 41

5. Then apply it to your card or scrap booking page – I have been asked what`s the difference between just stamping and embossing with gold but this piece shows well the texture of the metal leaf but with it being heavy

5. 51


Using a quickie Glue pen

1. Using this method works well when wanting to add a sentiment to you work but without heat embossing – heat embossing can warp your work / card when working direct so this is great for not doing that

So add your words you want to use and then wait for the glue to change colour so the blue turns clear

1. 61

2. Place your metal leaf over the written words , pressing down slightly and allow to dry

2. 71

3. Take a brush and remove the metal leaf from the piece – this will come away quite quickly


4. then you will be left with your gold or silver sentiment


So here we have a few ideas on how to use metal leaf – there will be others that you might use – so please if there are maybe leave a comment on the piece and everyone will see it – I couldn`t add every variation but hope to have given a broad idea on the product  

Try different surfaces – egg shells are a good one , frames , candles & boxes are to name but a few

In some countries they use gold leafing to decorate sweets – which can be edible – but you would need to read up on how to do that first


Here is a link for edible gold leaf just for interest


Thanks for looking in

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11 thoughts on “Gold / Metal Leaf – Product Write Up

  1. great write up Suzanne, i’ve been dabbling with leaf for a few months, and only used it on frames so far. and i got gilding flakes, which are great for miserly crafters like me who hate to see lots used at once, lol.
    thanx for the ideas, just ordered bridal stamp! and leaf.


  2. Exceptionally clear and concise workshop Suzanne. Thank you for all the time you spend in sharing your knowledge with us all.
    Love the effects you can get with the leaf. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the wonderful write up Suzanne. You have a great talent for explaining things in detail as well as for crafting. The cards are beautiful, especially the gorgeous bride!

  4. Hi Suzanne – more great ideas and instructions. Bridal dress is fantastic. Sorry Happy New Year although I think I have emailed you already to say that!!! Wishing you another great crafting new year. xxxx

  5. I am interested in using gold leaf on gemstones. Which product would work best for that – sheet, liquid or flakes – does it make any difference?

  6. Martha – I haven`t used it on gemstones before so find it hard to comment – but will keep an eye out if I read of it anywhere – I would guess and sheet or liquid form – or even a gold pen touch as that goes on different surfaces and would work well
    i hope you get sorted – please add another comment if you do try it out and which works best – be great to add more to the write up
    Many thanks

  7. Thank you so much for this – very useful as I’m just experimenting with sheet leaf and gilding flakes right now! Having lots of fun, though messy…I’m pretty sure my formerly black cat now sparkles. Ahem. 🙂 Anyway, wonderful ideas here, and I’ll definitely be trying them out.

    Gill at

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