Magic Speckle Product Write

This weeks product write up is

magic speckle  – click word for product    EP175 Magic Speckle - Click to enlarge

This is the special powder used in 2 plus 1 technique but also makes stunning “snowy” effects –

For snowy effects just use a versamark pen and colour where you would like snow – tip the magic speckle over it and remove any excess and then heat – this can be repeated for deeper snow!

This is the special powder used in 2 plus 1 technique. Stamp a solid stamp with pigment ink and sprinkle an embossing powder (preferably not one with glitter in it), tap off excess and heat set. Repeat first step when it is still warm. For the third and final step, sprinkle Magic Speckle, tap off and heat set. You’ll now have a mosaic effect to your image!

contains approx 1/2 oz


Well this Magic Speckle produces some wonderful effects to your work and when not using it for the speckled look it works well for adding glitter whilst it`s warm to add to the effect – you`ll see later in some samples

The product works best with solid stamps as it shows the true effect – so I have used Glenda`s heart stamp for this project below

I stamped with versamark and then added some  red embossing powder 

 and heat that – whilst it was warm added another layer of the powder ( like you would for triple embossing )

 and then again whilst hot after you have embossed it

the final layer I used the Magic Speckle

This then gives the speckled look and I chose to leave the edges not so covered in the speckle to add interest – because the speckle gave this blue tone with the embossing I set about using the colours to match – then made a matt design for underneath to show a the difference with the two effects

The blue was also brought out in the blue stardream card & also the Mars stardream was used as a base card – the whole card was brought together with the ribbon & paper flowers


A close up of the Magic Speckle


This design came about as the fan has solid part to the stamp & the backing paper from the Jayne Netley Mayhew cd was used as the whole colour tones in together


Now this card was inspired by the Friends card I did for the

Messy Rabbit Village samples & Glossy Accents product write up

and was done at the time when I didn`t realise that the magic speckle gave the top results – although in hind sight the clue is in the title !!!!

But it just shows another side of what you can with the product because whilst using white as the base on the third layer it had built up some dimension I added some glitter to the top part and I was very happy with the results as it is held in place when the embossing powder is dry

To get the first layer of embossing powder on I used a versamark pen and just draw some wiggly lines  

The background has been made using glimmer mists and stamping in a silver brilliance pad with the snowflake stamp from the fairy sets



And finally using the versamark pen again I have added white 2 layers and then the magic speckle on the tress`s and the train cloud & it`s all been mounted onto antique gold stardream card


So there is an insight into Magic Speckle and it`s uses which for a pot that cost £1.90 it sure does some wonderful things

Thanks for sharing in this workshop -I hope it has given you some ideas of how to use it – Suzanne


For this week challenge – please click here


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  1. Hi Beryl – if you click on the Magic Speckle word next to the picture it takes you to the product – it`s from Joanna`s site


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