Cotton Reel Workshop

Today`s workshop is all about those cotton reels and how to add dimension to them – I used them in the new Messy Rabbit Village stamp sample below

After seeing the show on Create & Craft at the weekend I loved the card Joanna showed using the Messy Rabbit Baggy Jumper stamp with the collar and sleeve ribbing done with tapestry thread and after lots of questions about the reels I thought I would add a workshop – whilst they are not difficult it`s fun to see how they are made


1. Stamp the cotton reel onto some card or I have used a scrap of water colour paper – it doesn`t matter if the thread part of the image doesn`t get stamped as it will be covered in thread


2. Colour the cotton reel ends in with a brown – I have used Lyra Aquacolours – it doesn`t matter if you go over as they will be cut out

2. 2r

3. Cut the pieces out , cutting off the needle

3. 3r

4. Add glossy Accents to the ends and allow to dry  – here`s a  workshop on Glossy Accents if you are interested and haven`t seen it

4. 4r

5. Then add glue tape or double sided tape to the front and back of the cotton reel – not the glossy accent part

5. 5r

6. Take your tapestry thread – and stick the end to the reverse of the reel


7. Then work your way around the reel pressing down as you go and making sure the threads are nice and close together

7. 7r

8. When you get to the end , place the end around the back and stick down

8. 8r

9. And there you have your finished cotton reel

9. 9r

10. Carry on and make up more – they are great for changing colours and using for different cards – the latest I have done is a Christmas one using these colours and red too – they are just fun to make up

10. 10r

Thanks for looking at today`s card



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