MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL – Christmas Cracker – Large Centre Piece

 Today I am adding some personal bits to the blog as I have been thinking about how best to send cards to everyone I know – doing that using handmade cards would be to much as there are so many friends ,

 so I thought the next best thing was to make a card , something special 

then this afternoon we decorated our home with our decorations Kris got down from the loft, and in the box was the cracker I made from the Victorian Christmas Cd – it brought back great memories as I hadn`t a photo of this as it was on my computer that I have got anymore  

So the story goes on how I got started in sample making by this cracker   –  I hadn`t long got the Say it with flowers cd to start making Wedding Invites ( having just left work on a five year career break ) with when the Victorian Christmas came out , I love anything Christmas and after trying to find wrapping paper in August to make craft items I thought fabulous as I can use the cd whenever –  I loved this image used as I have dark hair and my Daughter has blonde hair and the colours were traditional which is what I like – and after completing the cracker ( which the idea came from a centre piece we always have as a family and everyone adds a gift – then it`s opened and shared at tea time ) 

 I was thrilled with it and after hearing Joanna say on the C&C show please e-mail me if you have any questions or I would love to see your work , well I thought it might just be good enough to send a photo in 

 I was shocked not knowing Joanna at the quick reply and she loved it , I was so pleased I set about making 3 cards up from the cd which weren`t Christmas cards to show it`s versatility ( and as Christmas was just passing by this time ) and sent them to Joanna  –  at this point I didn`t know that Joanna had a team of sample makers .  I just did it for fun as I loved my new found hobby of cd crafting 

The Romance cd came next and I was asked to make some samples up , which I was honoured too and after sending in some work on the next cd the Victorian Birthdays which were a bit under par , I am so grateful I was given another chance on the next lot of samples – it was that point that spurred me on to always do my best as i`m am so grateful to Joanna for her belief in me –  the rest is history as I have been making samples ever since

Sadly as the photo`s of all 3 cards were on that computer that died , I only have the photo of one of the cards I sent Joanna – made with a reduced Christmas decoration , which again I took one of these out of the box today – so it has been a strange day as there are so many memories within our Christmas box , decorations from Grandparents and Mum & Dad , even a bauble I made up with a photo of Erin & I at the birth and the other side of Kris & Erin , all happy memories

It will be the second year without Nan and although I often think of her I do miss so much more at Christmas time as we spent every year with her and Grandad when he was alive – but today helped me think of all the good times and has been helpful to me

Sorry I went on a bit there ( not like me !!!)

So as my Christmas card to everyone  I thought I would spend time and make a workshop up on how to make the cracker 

 and I will do this over the next week as it will take some time but I will enjoy doing it

It will be my way of thanking you all for you friendship and support you all so often give me – thanks

Merry Christmas to you all 

 & A Happy New Year

& thank you also for listening to me rabbit on – Suzanne









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14 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL – Christmas Cracker – Large Centre Piece

  1. Suzanne you haven’t ‘gone on a bit’ at all, it was lovely reading your memories. The cracker and the card are both absolutely stunning. It’s no wonder Joanna asked you to be a sample maker your work is always stunning and different and always inspirational. As are your tutorials.
    Beryl x

  2. Suzanne,

    What a brilliant idea and I loved reading all your sentiments.

    I can see why Joanna snapped you up ! Your work is exquisite !!



  3. wow such lovely cards , i just adore the cracker that is really amazing suzanne, wow you have such patience , and talent , thanks so much for sharing
    carol x

  4. Love the cracker and the card is just gorgeous. Is that image on the CD ? I can’t remember it – mindyou don’t you find that there are so many images on Joanna’s that you forget where they all are.

    I would love to do myself a print out reference thing but I don’t think I can afford the amount of ink it would take.

    Ann xxx

  5. Suzanne….what a wonderful time you must have had looking back at your memories of Christmases past….I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story and thank you so much for sharing it with us. I have been very lucky to be a recipient of one of your beautiful creations and can see why Joanna chose you to be a sample maker on her team. Your work is stunning Suzanne and I look forward to seeing so much more of it. As I don’t always get the chance to leave a comment, please don’t be offended, usually something has dragged me away from my PC (normally my daughter! )

    Love and wishing you, Kris and Erin a Peaceful and Joyous Christmas and the Happiest of New Years.
    Sheila xx

  6. Ann the image is on the Vic Christmas cd – I think it has a Christmas sentiment on the image but by punching the image I could remove it

    Thanks for all the lovely comments – they really do mean a lot

  7. Beautiful project Suzanne and thank you for the peek into your personal Christmas traditions.
    BTW I think Joanne is the fortunate one to have you on her team – your work is sensational and you do the CDs proud. 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂

  8. Thank you Suzanne for not only your beaytiful Christmas cracker, but your lovely reminiscences too, which I sooo enjoyed. I’m very glad that your Christmas box holds warm, happy memories for you too, as ours does me.
    Warm Christmas wishes to you all
    Jackie (denise777) x

  9. You didn’t go on at all Ithink that is what Christmas is all about, remembrance as well as celebration, love the cracker too x

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