Glossy Accents – Product Write Up

Today`s (first of many i`m sure ) product write up`s has to be

Glossy Accents



I have used 3D gloss before but never this one by Ranger and when I was at the NEC with money burning a hole in my pocket I thought why not 

 I had always gone for the 99p + gloss products in the past but never again as I will explain later on why


 Glossy Accents is a clear, three-dimensional gloss medium. Use to accent, brighten, dimensionalize and magnify distinct areas on any scrapbook page, album cover, rubber stamped image, paper craft or home décor project.

Acid free Non-toxic
Dries to a hard, clear finish
Adheres & protects
Precision applicator tip
Great for scrapbooking and altered art.

Full instructions are on the pack

Place Glossy Accents under embellishments to make them stick and on top to protect and glossify


I like to add interest to samples with dimension to enhance the image or area of it and often I have found with 3D gloss with warps the card and curls it upwards – I have found using the hammered effect card I often stamp on ( the reverse ) a great weight for this technique and found the Glossy Accents actually gives a bend in the opposite direction and works well with the letters I tried them on as it looks like you have curved the piece yourself although it has happened whilst the piece is drying

Whilst writing this piece up I have added what the label and product description said and will in the future use this for and my embellishment by adding a small amount of the glossy accents then the embellishment them cover with more glossy accent for that glossed finish – sounds great and i`ll add it to here once I have tried it

I would have thought it would work well with dried flowers too – this is my brain now in idea`s mode

Ok anyone that knows me well , will know if I don`t know something I have to try it – so I have tried the dried flowers and here is how I did it

Pressed Flowers with Glossy Accents Mini Workshop

1. Take a piece of thick card – I have used the brown packing card and sprayed it with Creme de rouge  glimmer mist and then edged with Sakura Gold Pentouch – allow to dry

1. 1

2. Then placed your pressed flowers onto the card till you are happy with the results

2. 2

3. Firstly DO NOT SHAKE the bottle  – Then lift each piece and add some glossy accents– or the matt accents and the place the pressed flowers over the glossy accents – doesn`t matter if some shows through as it will be covered later

3. 3

4. Place a line around the edge of the piece to act as a barrier

4. 42

5. Then fill in the rest of the piece – this will take up a fair amount of the accents but I have used this on many products including this one and i`m only half way down the bottle – prick out any air bubbles that may appear – but this will be reduced if you don`t shake the bottle and then allow your piece to dry – I did this in the morning and then left till the next morning before touching and it was solid

5. 5

6. You will then have a lovely doomed effect over the flowers – this photo doesn`t do the piece any favours and I nearly didn`t add the workshop but I have to say in the flesh it does come out really well

The piece can then be added to your card or project

6. 61

It`s just a little insight to one of the uses for Glossy Accents – would love to here how you use yours and then maybe I could list them to this article                         __________________________________________________________________

Also using Glossy Accents is this other workshop on making cotton reels come to life using the product and tapestry thread – click here for more


Other ideas that were mentioned on Joanna Sheen`s forum when this write up was launched was the fabulous use of adding tiny gems thought to paper & silk flowers , fiddly bows and the fact it dries quicker than PVA glue – thanks Beryl for the tips

Also to Linda for saying about using glitter with it too – sounds great and will have to try it out

I will update this piece as I found more uses – many thanks so far


Also in the range is the Matte Accents & Crackle Accents which I will have to try out too – although at present I haven`t but wanted to show them as part of the write up


Matte Accents is a non-glossy, dimensional medium. Gives a subtle, dry embossed look on paper, metal, plastic, glass and wood.


Crackle Accents is a one-step, dimensional, gloss medium that dries to a cracked finish. Create crackled looks on most porous surfaces


       So to conclude this product write up – i`m linking it with a workshop I have done so you can see why I like it – and why I chose the letter challenge for last week !!!! – it was after I made this card

 please click here for the friends card workshop


Thanks for looking at today`s write up and hope it has given you some ideas

You`ll find 88 Listed workshops are here  if you haven`t seen them before

 & if you are new to my blog please have a look around


8 thoughts on “Glossy Accents – Product Write Up

  1. Suzanne i bought glossy accents a while ago and have never had the courage to use it yet. thanks for the tips.

    Kathleen x

  2. i agree suzanne its a fantastic product ……
    i use it as often as i can …love it ads that little bit extra doesnt it ….and it takes glitter while wet …brilliant
    love linda xxx

  3. Great write up. I do love using glossy accents but not everyone knows how to use them properly so this will really help. Could have done with this write up for a query last week lol

  4. Hi Suzanne, Glossy Accents is terrific for adding embellishments from the real tiny gems up to paper & silk flowers and also for adding those fiddly little bows. It dries much mor quickly than the pva type glue and even silicone.
    Beryl x

  5. Suzanne, I can’t believe you’ve done this write up on Glossy Accents and can’t thank you enough!! Over the last few days I’ve been umming and arrring whether to buy it or not because like you I have been using the 99p + ones and yes they make your work curl upwards….this product now really appeals to me so I’m off to oder it straight away from Joanna. Many thanks again for such a great write-up.

    Love Sheila xx

  6. Fantastic write up Suzanne. I have not used glossy accents yet though I have used some less expensive ones but I think a visit to the shop is now in order.
    Thank you
    Kate x

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