How to make up the Waterslide – Workshop

Today`s workshop is all about the Waterslide card – and it uses the boxes & waterfall kit 

 and there are instructions within the kit but I have added this workshop as I attended a workshop on these kits with C&C and it was made up slightly differently to the instructions – so I thought I would pass it on

The idea of this type of card I love and later on i`ll show you a way to make your own design up  



1. So take your waterslide sheets out of the pack and remove them from as they are die cut – you can use scissors or your fingers – I like ti use decoupage snips to neaten the pits that sometime remain

Place the large piece in the position below with the white side up  


2. Fold the top piece down so the coloured side shows


3. Fold the tab down too but don`t stick it yet

3. 3w

4. Take the waterslide mechanism and lay it as the photo below shows

4. 4w1

5. Now fold the scored lines back and forward and then finally into place with the folds downwards – the opposite to the photo below ( this was just to show how to get the creases )

5. 5w

6. Take your waterslide pieces and place them in size order starting with the largest first

6. 6w

7. Take your prepared waterslide piece ( don`t add glue tape like in the picture !!!)

7. 7w

8. Pass it through red card as below

8. 8w

9. And keep pulling until it reaches the end – once it is snog up to the end

9. 9w

10. Fold the white crease piece over and ensure it is level all the way along and run a bone folder or your nail across the edge

10. 10w

11. flap the piece back and add tape to the edge

11. 11w

12. And then stick that down onto the red panel and near the pull instructions

12. 12w

13. Now take your smallest panel and attach to the first crease line

13. 13w

14. I have then added the tape pen to all of the creased sections

14. 14w

15. And then apply the rest of the waterslide panels to the pully – do so get larger as you go along & then stick down the tab to seal the card up and finish the card off

15. 15w

16. and there you have your completed card


17. You can add the sentiment to the front cover – I have done this using foam tape for extra lift

17. 17w

Below is an idea to use in conjunction with the cd`s that match the images on the waterslides to enhance the waterslide cards

The one below I have added a matted with silver mirri panel and then the backing paper and sentiment


Then added the backing paper to the front and back inside panels and edged with silver pentouch


And finally added the backing paper to the back of the waterslide pieces and edged again – it just adds to the card and makes for a nice heavy card


You can do what i`m sure most crafters do is keep on of the waterslides as a template and draw around the pieces and make your own design up

Here is a card using that technique – click here

Thanks for looking at today`s workshop



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5 thoughts on “How to make up the Waterslide – Workshop

  1. Thank you very much for this workshop Susanna, I ordered the kit from Joanna, and last week spent houres trying to make this card, the instructions were not good for some one like me who had never made a card like this befoure, you have explained it very well,and I imagen it will be much easier to start with the small card first, thanks and also for all your fantastic workshops,
    Warm regards

  2. Suzanne, I am one of these people that need to see pictures/instructions or a video to make different styles of cards I haven’t made before so this is brilliant for me. Might give this a go over Christmas. Thanks for all these workshops. Kym

  3. Wish I had found you the other week as I muddled through this card for my Folks Christmas then changed my mind after doing it, Think I will go back and play some more with it now that you have re-inspired me Hazel xox

  4. Thanks for such detailed instructions Suzanne, I have never been able to suss out waterslide cards but I received Joanna’s kit the other day so I think now I’ll be able to tackle it
    Claire xx

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