Tri Fold Christmas Card Workshop

Today`s workshop is a design I made way back first of all using the Angels & Fairies cdand it was one of my favourite cards, sadly the photo was on my old computer so I don`t have it anymore although it is on the pre record show so all is not lost as I have that on DVD

So I have reproduced the design using the Enchanted Christmas cd & the backing paper from the Victorian Christmas cd and will add the cookie workshop to the end of this page to link the styles together

1. So you`ll need , gold mirri , double sided card , stardream would be excellent for this , backing paper – holly design and the main girl images – 2 sets so you can decoupage them and some organza ribbon

1. 119

2. Take an A4 sheet of card and score it into 3 – tri fold measurements if using a scoreboard

2. 28

3. I have then taken a piece of card one width of the tri fold panel and folded it in half and laid it on the scalloped line of my score board and ensured I have a nice shape and 3 scalloped lines – the score lines I have added in red to show them up – you will just need to score only

3. 35

4. Please note I have rounded of the top scallop to give a nicer edge to the top of the card , round off when the card template is closed to ensure it is even , now lay the template on each of the panels and draw around the template , you will then have 3 even edges

4. 43

5. Place double sided tape around all the edges – although now i would use the tape runners ( dot one ) to do this as it would give adhesive right up to the edge – then add your backing paper – it will need to be borderless printed paper or a bought sheet to get the full size

5. 55

6. Then crease up the tri fold card – you will need it all to be very flat to allow this style to work as if it gets caught anywhere it will pull on the design

6. 64

7. Now edge the inside and outside of the card with Sakura gold pentouch – it`s best to start with the inside first as sometimes these pens can be oily when starting to use them if they are not shaken enough

7. 74

8. Now take the template and make another one for the sentiment panel , just trim some off the sides and base of this piece and stick down and then add a sentiment to the middle , both these have been edged in gold too

8. 83

9. The gold has been added to the edges down the backing paper too and then each of the girls have been decoupaged , each coat had been cut as the second layer of decoupage and then a third layer just of the top half of the coat – this has all be curved before adding with silicone glue

9. 94

10. I have used my Japenese screwpounch to make a hole thought the 2 edges of the card and then added a length of organza ribbon and just knotted it on the inside – this is done on both edges half way down ( or up !!!)

10. 105

11. Close the card up and tie the ribbon in a bow – this makes for a nice piece for a table or mantle piece

11. 118

12. Here is the other side

12. 125

13. And the last side

13. 134

14. Keeping with this style – why not make a gift with this cookie card – there is a complete workshop  if needed – great for those hard to buy for friends that you want to get something small but normally you buy a box of biscuits for

Cookie Workshop – click here

14. 154

Thanks for looking in


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7 thoughts on “Tri Fold Christmas Card Workshop

  1. Ooooooo Suzanne! This workshop is JUST what the doctor ordered! I saw the original of this card on C&C and was never able to reproduce it. Many thanks.

  2. Hi this is the first time i’ve been on your website, a friend recommended it to me – i’m so glad she did, this card is fabulous and i would never have know how to make it without the help of your workshop. Thank you very much, i will be hanging around your website form now on.

  3. Thank you very much Suzanne I have made the Christmas tri-fold in parchment so I can put a night light behind it,it looks great,it’s the first time I have been on the site but it won’t be the last!

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