Happy Birthday Sheenies

Well today`s card is a bit of a cheat as I added it to the Birthday thread on Joanna`s forum today but I just wanted to add to why I did this and the meaning behind being a Sheenie

This card was made to celebrate the forum`s 3rd birthday and I added the Sheenie badge as it means a lot to me


I have to say since leaving my job as a section manager for a Tesco store some 4 and a bit years ago I did wonder how I would cope , as I loved my job and people who know me would understand how I like to be organized and as my boss once said I was the only one who if you ask me to do something big it would be done within the hour – so I left work on a 5 year career break as I wanted to fulfil the mother role in bringing up Erin and after having a miscarriage I felt it more important to be at home as Erin was and is so precious to us ( although it was a hard time for us I don`t dwell on it now as we wouldn`t have had Erin if it hadn`t had happened and these things happen for a reason )

At the beginning I wrote lists upon lists on things that needed doing , times of feeds and it was all a bit mad then whilst Erin would sleep during the day I started watching more and more TV and a friend was round and said do you watch the shopping channels – no I replied and then when she had gone I clicked about and came across C&C – and it has changed my life – it filled the hole I needed of needing a challenge as I set about learning more & more about crafting and then after making my announcement cards and then christening cards I thought I could make Wedding invites as I had been done the route of selling 2 or 3 cards at a craft fair and thought weddings would need much more

So I set about making a portofio and that is where I found Joanna Sheen`s wonderful products , Say it with flowers , as I needed something I could reproduce whenever and how ever many images I needed , and then came the Victorian Christmas cd which I made a giant cracker and sent a photo to Joanna – she loved it and then I sent in 3 cards I made form the cd – at this point I didn`t know about sample makers or the forum and it was all about to change – I did a few weddings but the samples started to take off and I had to stop doing them

I love learning and with crafting you never seem to stop which I love

After Christmas I started to look at the forum as Joanna said you`ll love it and she wasn`t wrong , I joined the 24th of March 2006 and have never looked back

I started of thinking it was all about crafting , but so much more – the Sheenies are so kind and I find my day filled with the knowledge that there are friends out there that really do care – and you got me through my back operation last year followed by the loss of my Nan , two of the most different events in my life last year , so I would like to thank you for that and for the friendship and support that the forum brings

The level of inspiration within the forum and the talent within is stunning and pushes you to learn more so the sample making is just the icing on the cake to which i`m so proud to be apart of the design team and now with the enjoyment of the workshops and my blog too I couldn`t be more happier

And also the shop being so fabulous and cheap , free p&p and quick service – it good to shop and you always know your parcel won`t take long if not the next day

Life throws differcult things at us and only this weekend past Kris and I have had to deal with his family in ways we haven`t wanted to , but having friends to speak to and posts to read even when we don`t feel like posting just gets me through

So sorry for a long post but it`s good to say how grateful we are sometimes and as this my is my space I feel I can say things I wouldn`t normally – Thank you Joanna , Richard ,  Tina ,Katina and all the Sheenies for making it a wonderful forum to be apart of

Happy Birthday

and here`s to another fabulous year and many more


Thanks for looking in


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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sheenies

  1. just popped in and there you are with another fantastic creation
    im always amazes at your stunning cards and toutorial suzanne keep them comeing

    love linda xxx

  2. I loved reading your little story, Suzanne. And I agree with you Joanna’s forum is a wonderful place- even though I’m not visiting as much as I would like to because of circumstances- but while you have made many friends we also have been introduced to a very talented girl who is willing to share her talents with others. The detailed instructions in your workshops are excellent.

  3. Your story and how you perceive the forum is, I am sure, as many of us feel. We have made friends, though they are cyber friends, the strength of friendship is just as strong as if we lived next door to each other. Thanks for sharing those private thoughts with us Suzanne 🙂 Hugs Jenny M xx

  4. Thank you Suzanne not only for another lovely card, but for your take on the Forum. I couldn’t agree with you more, I have only been a member for about six months but the friendship and encouragement I have received is awesome. I can still remember the response I got when I posted my very first card on the Forum – I was overwhelmed.
    Beryl x

  5. A lovely card Suzanne, made all the lovelier by the emotion behind it. Like you, I’ve made some real friends through this forum – even though I’ve never met any of them! Until this happened, I wouldn’t have believed such friendships were possible – we are so lucky to have each other.
    Ann x

  6. Thank you for sharing that with us Suzanne.
    I agree the Sheenies are all very special and the forum is a wonderful place to belong to. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful friends I’ve made there.
    We owe so much to Joanna and her fabulous team.

  7. Another beautiful card Suzanne. I enjoyed reading your story, it was not boring but very touching. You should be proud of your achievements and look how you inspire the rest of us, I would never have dreamed of making a perfume bottle from vellum until I saw the one you had made and the workshop you created.
    I am glad you are staying home with Erin children are precious and although I am a different generation I stayed home until mine were at school. If money was tight we did without. I know not everyone can stay home but I was very pleased when my daughter in law decided to with our grandchildren.
    Keep on with the workshops they are great.You are totally amazing.

  8. Oh Suzanne what beautiful and very true words. I have made many friends and met one of my now closest friends (Irene) through the forum and learnt so much about crafting. I couldn’t have put it in to words as well as you but everything you have said is so true.
    Thank you
    Ann xxx

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