Happy memories with some framed pieces

Well I thought I would share something different today – Calonie kindly sent back the poppy cross stitch photo she won as part of the Candlighters charity pieces I put up for sale – so I wanted to show my appreciation of her kindness as although this piece was very special memory wise to me it was up in the attic – so now we have added it to my other pieces in the kitchen where I craft

The room has strawberry curtains and lots of crafty bits but the main feature is the drawing of the strawberry`s that was done by a friend some 9 years ago – the artist is the niece of Erin`s godmother – I love it and it was her first commission from leaving college and she has flown ever since

So to add the poppy picture to this set is special and I will always remember the kind thought behind it – Thank you Carol and it gives me a lift daily when I think about what you did


Now this piece has been framed as they were the first ever pieces of cross stitch – the plum a kit from a magazine and then I made the other two designs and made them into to jam pot cover for my Gran who was a gold medal holder for many pieces of needlework,  so this made her proud – when she sadly died I had them in a draw and thought I want to see them so I removed the lace and had the mounts made and framed them

It was these small pieces that lead to the poppy picture being made as my first big piece and then after this the card making side came in – so many memories within all these pieces for me and I just wanted to add them to my blog as it builds of things I love


Thanks for looking in


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4 thoughts on “Happy memories with some framed pieces

  1. Lovely work Suzanne, I am another convert to card making via cross stitch, and have many pieces framed around the house. I still have a couple on the go, I find it very relaxing. How thoughtful of Carol to return your picture after winning it at the auction. Just goes to show what a great community the Joanna Sheen Forum is.
    Beryl x

  2. I too came to papercrafts via cross stitch Suzanne, though I do very little cross stitch nowadays, I have framed pieces of work all over the house and made many pieces to give as gifts to friends and family.
    It is lovely to see your poppy back where it belongs though.
    Kate x

  3. I made birth samplers for my two eldest g/children but am ashamed to say I still haven’t finished the one for No.3 and he will be 6 on Wed!! The holes in the Aida seem to have shrunk! and I can only work on it in good daylight. I have one large framed x-stitched piece proudly displayed in my bedroom. The kit was a gift from my Aunt (who used to own a wool etc. shop in Monmouth) as a thank you for having them stay a w/end.
    So nice of Carol to send your poppy back home.

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