How to get perfect matting and layering to your cards

Here is a selection of ways to help you get the prefect mat when layering up in your cardmaking

1. Take your base card – I have used a folded A4 sheet , then take the piece of card you want to use for matting and place it at the corner equal amounts from each edge

1. 110

2. I then take my decoupage snips and snip a straight line at the same width as the other side

2. 27

3. Then again on the top edge – you can do this by using a pencil but I just find this faster

3. 34

4. Then add you piece of card to your guillotine – I use the medium x-cut one ( guillotines are the only thing I have found work for me ) – as you know your top edge it straight butt this up against the top and find your snip mark and trim down – then do this with the shorter edge the other snip mark

It works well as you have only had to cut 2 edges and the main part of getting matting right is to ensure everything is straight whilst cutting then the rest is easy

4. 42

5. Now you have your cut inner matting panel

5. 53

6. I like to at this point emboss the panel to give extra dimension to the piece and this also tells you if your work is straight too – do this on all 4 edges

6. 62

7. And this gives a lovely finish to your piece

7. 72

8. I have then added the panel onto silver mirri and you can see under the blue edge of the guillotine there is a 5mm edge so just trim down

8. 81

9. I then always turn the edge I have just cut to the top and then cut the next side this again ensures a straight line as you know your first edge is straight

9. 93

10. Now you have a matted panel you need to add it to your base card – this is the part where you want to get it straight unlike below

10. 103

11. So to achieve this using both hands ( sorry I have one on the camera !!! ) – hold the top of the panel and line the piece so it is equal away from the top and side edge – I do this by eye – and use foam tape to fix the piece and a tip if you are using stardream card don`t press down hard and the tape will release from the coated card without a problem

Also starting from the top it doesn`t matter if the lower edge has more distance as a matted piece on a card looks better being higher than right it the centre

11. 115

12. So there you have your matted straight piece

12. 123

13. You can also do it by using the tab effect double sided tape technique that I have seen many tv crafters use – add the tape around all 4 edges then fold back the tape to get a tab

13. 132

14. Then place the matted piece onto your base card and when you are happy it is straight remove the tabs and here you have it – if it`s not straight then you have room for lifting it again as the piece isn`t fully stuck – a useful technique when working with fine materials that don`t have much give in them

14. 142

15.  Another technique is to measure your 2 pieces – I have done a 15cm square and a 16cm square then embossed around the larger piece when them reduces the width and when you add the smaller card it fits perfectly

15. 152

16. Also a great technique is to use the hi vis steel ruler – the one I have is cm`s – this one in the shop is inches but you can work with the same principle – I will continue my way with cm`s as I have photo`s for that

So take your 16 cm and 15 cm pieces

16. 162

17. Your edge will be 5mm`s around as one piece is 10mm larger than the other piece – so place the ruler 5mm`s in from the edge and from the bottom as the ruler is marked throughout – you can see it measures 16cm`s

17. 172

18. Place the piece at the 5mm in point and use the tab technique and place the matted piece down

18. 181

19. You will have a perfect matted piece – a simple technique if you like to use measured cut pieces

19. 191

Take any of these techniques and use it to add many layers to your work if you wish

Thanks for looking at workshops



7 thoughts on “How to get perfect matting and layering to your cards

  1. Thanks Suzanne, I think matting and layering is one of the biggest bug bears that lots of us have. It looks so simple when you do it and I love the embossed edges, gives a really neat look. Hugs Jenny M 🙂

  2. You make it look so easy Suzanne and what a good idea to emboss the edges it gives a really finished look to the project – now why didn’t I think of that!!
    Kate x

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