Messy Rabbit Frame – Part 2

So having completed part 1 of the Messy Rabbit frame here is the second part

Part 1 here if you missed it

 The completed Messy Rabbit Frame


10. So now take your decoupaged tree and starting from the right hand side cut around till you get to the top of the door arch on the left hand side – then fold the door open at the side crease that is still in tack

10. 102

11. Now it`s time to colour your Messy Rabbit – I find the Lyra Aquacolours the best and easiest to use

So stamp you bunny onto a plain sheet of card – I have used brown staz-on


12. Using the Lyra crayons colour your rabbit in – it doesn`t matter if you go over on the edges as it will be cut away

Here is a useful workshop I did on how to cut out the rabbit if you need it – just change the h20`s for the lyra aquacolours

12. 122

13. Add your tree and your Messy Rabbit to your background sheet – which you have added to the frame

13. 131

14. Add some silicone glue to the 4 corners

14. 141

15. Then add 2 or 3 paper flowers to the glue – I have used the deep red paper flowers as they pick up the tone from the flowers in the scene

15. 151

16. Here you have your finished frame

16. 161

17. With a close up of the Messy Rabbit

17. 171

Thanks for looking at today`s workshop


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