Memories of my Grandad with this scrapper board picture

Well today I was getting some frames together for Saturday open day event – the frames which were my Nan`s but as it`s for a great charity – `the Candlelighters`- I thought I would use some to make some pictures

Today would have been my Grandad`s Birthday – and although he died some 14 years ago I still remember my days spent with him and my Nan – he was a great man who thought our family a great deal of values and I can`t really say in words what he meant to me and my family

Still back to the frame – I was cleaning them up and out of the back of the back board poked a clear bag so I opened the frame up and inside was this scrapper board picture Mum made for Nan & Grandad years ago – I remember Mum doing lots of these and I was fascinated by them – so on a day when i`m thinking of my grandparents even more than normal how funny to find this family treasure

I just wanted to share it with you all




I`m going to mount it and find a new frame and put it in my lounge and just have it as a fond memory of the past

Thanks for listening



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