Baby Love inside of the Announcement Box – Workshop

Today`s workshop is how to do the inside of the announcement card box – although the box can be for other uses too

You will have needed to complete the box workshop first – details here

Part 1 then Part 2

The today`s workshop will show you how to complete the rest of it

1. Print your announcement cards from the Baby Love cd  out – I have printed on the back too using an image form the extra backing paper image – trim them to size


1.1 Also print the notelet and envelope set too – I have done 8 of each


1.2 Fold them up and assemble in a pile and tie a ribbon around the notelets or cards ready for later


2. Take your box that you would have made – full instructions at the top of this page – lay you piece of card along side of the box and trim to the same length of the box


3. I have then measured in 1.5cm`s in and scored where the line is – do this on the other end of the sheet and measure in half of the width of the box and score – the piece in the middle will not be used


4. So trim off the excess from the middle and cut some semi circles to match the sides of the box and this will allow you to open the box easily too


5. Now to attach the piece to the inside of the box – please ensure that it fits well


6. To attach it run your tape or tape pen down the outside of the 1.5cm flap you made


7. This then gets pressed firmly into the bottom / side of the box


8. Do this with both pieces and here you have your secret part / feature to your box


9. Place the bundle of thank you cards in the bottom – then close the flaps and place the announcements cards on top – a nice gift for that new Mum – and you can have it all done and just add the dats / info as soon as you know and give the gift


Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop



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With the card below it`s hard to see the depth of it but it has 6 layers of decoupage on the topper


4 thoughts on “Baby Love inside of the Announcement Box – Workshop

  1. This is lovely Suzanne.
    I know because I saw it in the ‘flesh’ at Colemans last Sat.
    I did comment on what a brilliant idea are the flaps. Such a neat way to finish a lovely gift.

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