8″ Scrapbook Using Baby Love Cd Backing Papers – workshop part 2

So here is part 2 of the Scrapbook – workshop part 1 here if you have missed it

12. So the covers are 8.25 inches square and now you need to make the inside sheets – which I have done making them 8″ square

I have printed both sides on a borderless setting using 160gsm rey text paper , using the stunning backing paper  – you`ll need 10 sheets for this project but when you think how much they are to buy then this works out a next to nothing

Trim to 8″ square on all 10 sheets and keep the remanding off cuts as they will form the pockets for the plain pages

Also do the same as about on 10 sheets of plain rey text – now using a bind it all machine – punch the holes in the centre as you did in the cover 

 I have now amended workshop 1( point 11.)  with the info as the photo shows the marking on there – click here to see this post and scroll down to number 11 – this will help you keep everything in the middle and complete the project easily


13. Edge your pages with gold pentouch – and now take the off cut and turn it landscape to form the pocket for the page – I have punched this piece but it only takes half a square out but it means it will fit perfectly onto the white page – you might be able to see this on the top left hand side of the photo below


14. Using double sided tape – or a tape gun – stick the 2 sides and bottom edge onto the plain sheet – do this on all 10 sheets – some you my want to do on what will be the front page or some the back of the page – it`s up to you

But remember only one per sheet leave one side blank as later on you will be adding an envelope


15. Take another sheet of the backing paper and matt it onto gold mirri card and mount onto the front page of the book – do the same on the inside covers and the front and back of the back covers – then add your decoupaged topper you did in workshop one

At this point take your covers and pages and following the bind it all instructions bind the book together

I have used the cover then the whole flowered backing paper the the white one with pocket and carried on throughtout alternating in this way


16. The inside of the book I have added a piece I wrote on an A5 portrait insert – just a note who it`s from


17. Then I have left the first page blank and on the 2nd page I have added one of the announcement cards that I have filled in using the interactive part of the cd – the colours of the card tone with the backing so well


18. I have then printed the embellishment page onto self adhesive clear film to make some stickers for the person to add to the pages once they start filling them up


19. I have made little envelopes for the announcement cards – as this gift is planned to give whilst the baby is first born – with this cd you can printed and add the date and times at short notice and then the new parents will have the cards to send out – I know I had my cards all made and slips saying name etc just filled in the time and got husband to post that day – then I didn`t worry I hadn`t told anyone – I would have loved these cards back then

Make sure when adding envelopes put some at the top and some at the bottom so the pages to get to bulky in one place


20. The pockets are for inserting photo graphs or anything you want 


21. Here you have your completed scrapbook – enjoy filling it if it`s for you or enjoy giving it as a gift

It doesn`t have to be a baby theme as there are many non baby stunning backing paper within the cd as is the paper used here just use a different topper for the front cover


Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop



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With the card below it`s hard to see the depth of it but it has 6 layers of decoupage on the topper


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