Bon Bon Box Workshop

Today`s workshop is a quick bon bon box ideal

to use for Weddings



1. Take a sheet of card – this is an A3 sheet to make a large box

The top to bottom side will measure 29.6 – so measure and trim width ways 29.6 to make a square – then you can score at the tri fold marks of a score board to give you the shape below – then you need to score a diagonally line in the outer corner boxes as shown by the lines – this is the easiest method as you wouldn`t need to measure apart from that first cut

If you don`t have a score board or you want to make smaller boxes the idea is to have 3 sets of equal squares both up and down and you can measure this if you don`t have a score board

So to make it easy you need a number that will divide into 3 – so make a 28.8cm square on your A3 card and then each section will be measured at 9.6 – it`s a bit like you would measure for an exploding box

So once you can measure the card by 3 then try different size boxes – they would be fun idea for the Christmas table made with backing papers


2. Although I have said this part here is a close up of the corner scoring – do on all 4 corners


3. Now fold and crease so both sides face upwards


4. I found as I used thick card it was best to turn the box over and crease each corner first


5. Then turn it back over and fold the in the opposite direction and inwards – this just gives a nice crisp edge


6. Do this on all 4 corners and then the box will take this shape once it has been gathered


7. Open it all out and punch a hole in all 4 points of corners where you scored the diagonal line – I have used a Japanese Screwpunch for this


8. Now take some organza ribbon or ribbon of your chose and tread it through the holes – leave enough one end for a bow later


9. Then once you have done all 4 holes pull or gather by hand if it gets stuck the ribbon so it is nice and tight


10. Tie a knot and a bow – I have used 2 ribbons here as they co-ordinate the theme


11. Then add your toppers – these I have matted and mounted onto the squares of the box


12. You could use different topper maybe this one from the Baby Love cd to make a gift for a new born baby gift


13. The party themed one I made I added goodies for the prizes of the games we were going to play – but the choose is endless

They can be make up boxes for the dressing table

Filled with organza scarfs for a gift for a scarf lover

Filled just with chocolates

Or maybe craft items for a friend or to keep !!!! –

4 little pot plants maybe some nice winter pansies – I could go one


Thought I would add the other boxes I did so you get some more ideas

1. The first one is using the New baby love cd – I love this backing paper – I have trimmed it with the self adhesive lace ribbon a organza bow and paper roses –  so quick but i`m sure any girl would love this – great for adding so socks etc for a new born gift


2. This one is using the cookie image from the Enchanted Christmas cd – edges with Sakura gold pen touch – great for giving home-baked cookies


3. Than this one which will be the design on my Christmas table as we always like to give dinner table gifts – so I can fill them with little treats for the different people and ages – again this image is from the Enchanted Christmas Cd


So some different ideas – this box was made using a borderless printed A4 sheet of rey text – 160gsm

trim the longer edge to 21cm – so you have a square and I have scored at the A4 gatefold line – this is slightly makes the inner square smaller but it`s quick to just score rather than measure the box

Thanks for sharing in today`s workshop – love to see any results



4 thoughts on “Bon Bon Box Workshop

  1. Great workshop, Suzanne. I’ve seen this bon bon box on American sites but you have explained it so well. And, yes, it would be great for Christmas. Love visiting your blog although I don’t always comment

  2. Suzanne, love the look of these bon bon boxes and must give it a try. I saw Claire from Crafter’s Companion do one last Saturday and wrote some notes but they weren’t as comprehensive as yours so I think I’ll use yours!!! Thanks Kym

  3. Your boxes are so pretty.
    It would be a lovely idea for DD’s friend’s
    40th – just have to decide what little treats
    I can buy to put in it.
    Thank you

  4. Your boxes are so pretty.
    It would be a lovely idea for DD’s friend’s
    40th – just have to decide what little treats
    I can buy to put in it.
    Thank you

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