Thank you – Giveaway for 50,000 hits

Winner has been drawn …..and giveaway ended

All the details of the winner here


Well seeing as I have reached 50,000 hits and celebrated 25,000 thought I better do something this time

It`s the launch of the new Joanna Sheen BABY LOVE CD this Sunday on Ideal World and Create and Craft @ 2pm for 2 lovely whole hours  – so thought the new cd would be a nice prize – but then being a crafter thought many would have bought the cd by the time this giveaway has happened so – my next plan is – chose any of the below cd`s – sometimes there is one you have wanted and just haven`t got – sorry haven`t added the 3 disc sets

So as a thank you for looking in on my blog please just enter a comment on this entry – saying why you love Joanna`s products – sorry I know a daft question – and look back next Thursday and i`ll have generated a number and announce the winner

Once you have made contact – needs to be within a week – then i`ll order the cd of your chose and get it sent to you – this is off my own back nothing to do with Joanna – just that I love her products and thought it would be a fitting way to celebrate

Sorry only 1 entry per person – but if you have a blog please mention it on there – but anyone with or without a blog can enter – good luck and thanks for the support







42 thoughts on “Thank you – Giveaway for 50,000 hits

  1. I simply adore all of Joannas products and feel very much the same way about them as I do about chocolate – that I never met one I didn’t like!

    All of Joannas products are of the highest quality, whether it be the beautiful way that her backing paper pads are printed onto beautifully weighted paper; the obvious time and care taken in chosing gorgeous images and compiling other features around these on her CDs; the fine detail of her stamps range or any other range she has such as decoupage sheets or decorative frames; the lovely array of pressed flowers and leaves she offers, all beautifully pressed and preserved ready for you to use; or even products from other companies that Joanna sells on her website, because you know that everything is something she likes and you can rely on the quality of these items too.
    Fabulous things 🙂

    And many congratulations Suzanne, you thoroughly deserve your success 🙂

    Jo XX

  2. Well Suzanne, you want to know why we love Joanna’s products – where to start???? Maybe saying that I’m glad I already have some of the CDs to narrow down the choice should I be fortunate enough to win will be a start – but then what about the rubber stamps? I have so many rubber stamps that I have to catalogue them now and many of them are Joanna’s because of the superb quaility – I don’t think that it’s possible to produce a poor image with any of them and then there’s all the products that she spends hours sourcing for us but if I don’t shut up now there won’t be room for anyone else…..hang on though, is that a bad thing I ask myself……? 🙂
    Seriously though, congratulations on 50,000 hits
    Ann x

  3. It isn’t hard to see why Joanna’s products are so popular. They have quality written right through them and they never disappoint. I am so pleased to comment on your blog Suzanne as your work is exceptional and of course it would be lovely to win as well. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the chance to win one of Joanna’s CDs Suzanne. Their quality is always 5 star and Joanna’s service is second to none. Thanks you also for your inspiration, your blog is great….no, FANTASTIC!! I’ll pop a link on my sidebar x

  5. I can’t begin to say why I love Joanna’s superb quality products in any original way!! They are easy to use and this is the main benefit for me, as I am rather disabled and need easy-to use products. The colours and style are to my taste exacty and I just know I’ll find something in my vast stash of JS products to suit any occasion!!
    Thanks so much for giving us al a chance to win the new CD – haven’t got that one, though was hoping to get it for my recent birthday.
    Love your blog and check it out daily, for some inspiration!!
    Thanks Suzanne and Joanna! Janet

  6. Congratulations on your 50.000 hits Suzanne, though I am not surprised, you are such an inspiration to us all.
    As for Joanna’s products, well for exceptional quality and value for money you need to go no further than Sheenie Towers. From easy to use CD’s, to quality and original rubberstamps and everything in between and with free P&P and excellent delivery Joanna cannot be beaten.
    Kate x

  7. First of all what a beautiful card Suzanne!! Congratulations for hitting the 50,0000 mark what an achievement….though I’m not surprised as your creations are so beautiful and inspirational as well as your workshops. Now I’ll come to why I love Joanna products…but do I really need to as your work says it all. A1 products and A1 service….oh and I forgot the free P&P.

    Sheila xx

  8. suzanne your workshops are so inspirational, i love having a look at the new one as soon as you post it!
    joanna’s products are of such quality and the choice is superb, the delivery second to none. i never fail to make a good card with anything i buy from sheenie towers.
    and the ideas i get from the galleries, everyones images and your fantastic workshops all keep me comming back to the shop for more.
    all of the stuff i buy i know is the best cos joanna herself uses it and we all know if it’s not good enough she wont sell it in her shop!

    thanx for the chance to win.
    keep up the workshops m8.


  9. Congratulations on 50,000 hits. I love Joanna’s things because they are always such great value and always of a high quality. It’s not just Joanna’s products tho, it’s all the products she stocks because you know if you buy from Joanna you can have confidence in the customer service, which in my opinion is the best I have ever come across.

  10. Oh my goodness Suzanne asking people why they like Joanna’s CDs – what a silly question – this is going to be my longest post ever. Where do I start well I suppose that word ‘start’ is as good a place as any because I feel that Joanna’s CDs are absolutely wonderful for beginners as you can literally just ‘point and click’ and you are instantly rewarded with beautiful materials coming out of your printer – all matching – all the most fabulous quality. BUT if you’re not a beginner the CDs offer the chance for a more seasoned crafter (I am total awe of the work you do Suzanne) to explore all sorts of possibilities – resizing – printing on different media – combining with other paper craft. Oh I could go on for ever. ERrrrrrrrrrr was I suppose to mention the Joanna’s other products too ? Crumbs!! Okay 3 words – QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY!!!
    Thank you for doing this Suzanne – your blog is amazing I’m not surprised you have so many visitors.

    Ann xxx

  11. Hi Suzanne, first of all congratulations on the 50,000 milestone. Joanna’s CD-ROM’s and her stamps in fact everything she sells is the highest quality. You know when you pick up the CD that you are going to find inspiration along with your super tution who can fail to make a nice card. The service is second to none and if you have a query you only have to e mail and either Joanna or one of her fantastic team are there with an answer.

  12. Hi Suzanne what a loaded question i am fairly new to crafting and have several of Joanna’s cd’s along with others but it is Joanna’s that i keep dipping into when i need that little extra something to finish a card so in answer to your question Joanna”cd’s are SIMPLY THE BEST. Thany you for sharing your knowledge and ideas and congratulations.

    Jean xx

  13. Suzanne, congratulations on reaching 50,000 posts and for giving us the chnace to win a CD.

    Well, what do I like about Joanna’s CDs? I met Joanna in October 2006 and I’d been making cards for less than a year and had never used a CD and asked her advice on which to get. She advised Victorian Birthdays and I have used this many many times and I’ve got the CD bug and have got a large collection now of Joanna’s Cds. I like the CDs as the pictures are of impeccable quality and backing papers are easily to find. I liked the Floral Fantasy as it included decoupage on this CD but I also liked one section as you could change the colour of the picture which was fab. I am dertemined in 2008 to make different things like stationery etc and a number of the CDs will help in this. I can’t fault these CDs – THEY ARE THE BEST – and will continue to buy them in the future.


  14. Congratulations Suzanne. Now why do I like Joanna’s products – well there’s the quality and the quality and did I mention the quality!! Fabulous customer service to boot.


  15. Thank you Suzanne for a wonderful blog with so much inspiration and hints & tips for us crafters.
    Using Joannas product is alway a garantee for a beautiful result and a happy reciever, not to mention her big range of goodies and suprem customer service.


  16. I’ve been away for a few days and just catching up with my favourite blogs and then I saw this, how very generous of you Suzanne!
    Firstly congratulations on all your hits, but I’m not at all surprised because with your talent and inspiration you have such a huge following.
    Now, Joanna…well where do I start? the customer service she provides could never be beaten, the quality of the products is second to none and all this from one of the nicest people anyone could wish to meet!
    I have bought other CDs in the past, but I recently got rid of them and now I just have Joanna’s for the stunning images and ease of use. All of Joanna’s products can be relied on to give brilliant results and help us to achieve professional looking results ( even if we’re not that good!) and the same can also be said for everything she stocks in that wonderful Alladin’s Cave she calls her shop!

  17. Why do I love Joanna’s products? The styling and the quality shows just how much love has gone into creating them, so that has to be celebrated!

    Congratulations on reaching 50,000 hits! I’m a few of them, your blog is fab!
    Good luck for the next 50,000+!

  18. Congratulations on reaching such a high number of hits in so short a time, not that I am surprised as your blog is wonderful Suzanne and I always look forward to seeing your latest creations. Thanks for the chance to win one of Joanna’s CDs…there are still a couple I don’t have! I love them because they are superb quality, as are all Joanna’s products. They never fail to amaze me, there is so much on the CDs, they are easy to use and just get better and better. Keep on blogging Suzanne….we need you! Denise x

  19. Why are Joanna’s products the best? Firstly the quality. From the Cd’s to the Decoupage papers to the Stamps ( and everything else inbetween) nothing is comprimised on. Secondly the value. Joanna’s products are, in my opinion the best value crafting supplies available. And finally, the choice. No matter what style of card you favour you can always find inspiration from one of Joanna’s products.
    Joanna is the reason i started crafting nearly 4 years ago. In all that time she has been a constant inspiration to me and someone who obviously is as proud about her products as we are of the results we get from using them.
    Steve x

  20. My cardmaking used to be at best mediocre but since finding Joanna and her wonderful cds I,m proud of the cards I make and sell,,,,love sue09 xxxx

  21. Wow Suzanne, very generous of you.

    I love joanna’s products as they are always quality products. Even CD’s that I do not think will appeal to me – do and I think thati s down to the quality of the items.

    Why else do I love them – well the customer service that Sheenie Towers suppies is second to none – I have no reason to shop anywhere else.


  22. Wow Suzanne that’s some going in such a short space of time, congratulations.

    Why do we love Joanna’s products well quality speaks for itself and the amount of sales and repeat sellouts shout volumes. Joanna is a crafter and that is why her products are quality, easy to use and just that little bit different, she knows what we want.

    Jenny x

  23. Well congratulations Suzanne on receiving so many hits and what a wonderful chance to win some Joanna Sheen cd. I love working with Joanna’s products as I find that the art work on them is extremely detailed, they co-ordinate not only with her own products but also with products any crafter would have in her kit. I recently purchased a cd for my Mum as a wee gift and as she wouldn’t be the best on computers, she found the layout and easy use of the cd amazing. So I would love to win this candy and I would even let my Mum use it also 🙂

    Karen xoxo

  24. First time I’ve visited your blog & what a wonderful surprise — a chance of winning one of Joanna’s superb CD’s —- WOW!! You want to know why I love Joanna’s crafting goodies, where do I begin?? Her products are like her, second to none. I have been an ardent fan & customer for the past 18 years so that must say something about how much I love everything she produces or stocks.

  25. Congratulations on soo many hits Suzanne. I love Joanna’s stuff cos it all co-ordinates but most of all I like watching her demo’s as she is so down to earth & explains everything so well.

    I’ve linked you to my blog (on the right hand side).


  26. Joanna Sheen’s cds allow me to make the kind of cards I could only have dreamt about a few years ago. I have had to finish work due to me being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was so depressed until I discovered card making. Obviously I was pretty rubbish at first, but I persevered. Eventually I got better and then I discovered Joanna Sheen and her brilliant cds. I haven’t looked back. I now make beautiful cards and have become very creative, something I never thought I was able to be. I am now selling my cards at coffee mornings and to people who have heard about me locally. I love the cds and Joanna’s website and all the products she sells at very reasona ble prices. I am now full of life again and feel I have a purpose in life. Thank you Joanna and long may you reign!!!!!

  27. I love Joanna’s products and with living abroad her shop is a godsend to me, it keeps me crafting and stops the stress of wondering if I can get new products. The customer service is second to none and the speed at which the orders are despatched is amazing. Joanna’s CD’s are wonderful as are her other products. What would we crafters do without her?
    You are a gem to Suzanne as you give me such inspiration which is something I am sadly lacking, must have been at the end of the queue when they dished it out!

  28. Hi I look in frequently to see all your workshops. Can’t believe how many ideas you keep coming up with. Its great. Joanna’s products are great too, easy to use, I love the idea of click, print, and make. The customer service is absolutely brilliant, second to none. I once had trouble with a cd that I bought from a bone fide seller but they did not want to change it. I contacted Joanna and explained what was happening and it was changed no problem and straight away. You just can’t buy service like that. Thats why I always buy with confidence from Joanna, not just that the products are always good quality but if there was to be a problem then I know they would do their best to sort it out. Lovely people. They care about the crafters that buy from them which you just don’t get much nowadays unfortunately. Thanks for all the lovely cds joanna and keep them coming!!

  29. Congrats on reaching 50,000 hits. What a fab give-away. I absolutely adore Joanna Sheen products, especially her CDs as they are so classy and elegant. The Cds are easy to use which is so important. I’ve just bought her Pamela West collection and can’t wait to get started on it. Her retail site is also fab, with the free p&p and very reasonable prices. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize. I’ve added a link on my blog HERE (I hope no-one sees it though lol)
    Julie x

  30. Well done on so many hits Suzanne, although it is hardly suprising given the great cards, tips & inspiration you provide to so many people.

    As for Joanna’s CDs and products – I love them simply because Joanna cares about her customers and it shows in the care & attention she puts into all of the things she brings out. They make card making a joy.

    If I am lucky enough to have my number pulled out of the “hat”, I wonder if it is possible for you to donate the money you would have paid for a CD to She Wray’s Scare Cut appeal instead – it is a far worthier cause than me adding to my collection of CDs. Thanks.

    Carrying on blogging!

    Love C xx

  31. Hi

    WOW thank you for the chance I haven’t got all the CD’S I wish for (please have a quiet word in Mrs. S’s ear LOL)

    Have left a link on my blog I am a shy FORUM member!!

    Loved all the demo’s you preped for today’s C&C show …… stunning

  32. I love all of Joanna Sheens CD’s already have a fair number and the rest are on my wish list. Why do I love them, because they are just so versatile and all the cards that I’ve made using them have received wonderful feedback, there’s just so much choice on each CD.

    I really hope I win, if not there’s another CD to add to my wishlist !!

    Thanks for doing this!

    Best Wishes


  33. Congratulations Suzanne i love Joannas products because they make a card look special and the quality and service is second to none.Also the inspiration you give with your samples and workshops is great. All the samples made by others gives inspiration as well. Well done.

    Kathleen x

  34. I absolutely adore Joannas products (especially her cds and messy rabbit stamps) The cds are so easy to use, yet so versatile. I love that you get to see demonstrations on Tv when she brings out a new product, which gives you lots of inspiration. Congratulations on reaching such a tremendous number of hits, and I love that baby box with notelets you made, what a wonderful gift. Best wishes to you


  35. Wow, this is an amazingly informative blog. I have spent ages enthralled and gaining inspiration!

    Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to seee Joanna’s products in the “flesh”. With 4 kids unfortunately buying new crafting stuff second a back seat!!

    I really hope I win as it would be so lovely just to get something so amazing and not feel guilty about what else the pennies could have been spent on!!!

  36. Congratulations Suzanne on reaching 50,000 hits, your blog is inspirational and as for Joanna’s products, well what can I say, superb quality, excellent service, fantastic selection, all her products are ‘Must Haves’
    I would be lovely to win one of Joanna’s CD’s, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
    Thanks for making your blog a special place to visit

  37. Well done and congratulations Suzanne. I’m not surprised you’ve had so many hits in such a short time because your blog is always interesting and informative.

    I like Joanna’s CD’s because of the BP’s that match the images and they are so easy to use. The stamps are excellent quality and there is always something in the shop I want, although finances put a limit on that. In fact I would like one of everything if that were possible.
    Of the CD’s I do have, only two of them are not JS and even one of those is ‘related’.

  38. Congratulations Suzanne,
    I love Joanna’s goodies because they are up to date and always well demonstrated.Add to this the friendly,fast and free service.Where could you get better.
    Best Wishes

  39. Congratulations on 50000 hits Suzanne! I have only used a small amount of Joanna’s products but find the quality superb and the mail order service is fantastic. Joanna’s CDs always look excellent but so far I’ve not bought any as some others (not Joanna’s) I found very limiting and disappointing and it rather put me off. But having seen the programmes and your cards I’ve changed my mind and am about to indulge in a little retail therapy, so to win one would be fantastic!

  40. I have added this comment althought the giveaway closed on the 31st of October – sorry but thanks for the lady comments you wrote

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